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Tips to Use and Choose Home Staging Paint Colors

paint colors for home staging There are so many articles about how it’s important to neutralize a home when decorating it to sell on the real estate market.

The most common design element where you see the “neutral rule” at play is in choosing home staging paint colors.

We look at neutralizing because we have a goal of appealing to the greatest number of potential home buyers.  » read more…

Home Staging Brisbane Proves Staging Works

home staging brisbane living roomI’m thrilled with the success Staging Diva Graduate Imogen Brown has enjoyed as her Australia-based business grows.

Her company Home Staging Brisbane has a gorgeous home staging portfolio so it’s no wonder her reputation is shining so brightly in her local real estate market.  » read more…

5 Tips To Eliminate Bad Home Staging

Bad Home Staging ExampleI never tire of house hunting and it’s even more fun now that I’m a home stager and I also train home stagers. It’s fascinating to observe how people live in their homes and how they choose to present them for sale.

On this particular day, I toured 15 properties because I was actually considering buying.  » read more…

Home Staging a Vacant Property is Key

Atwell Staged Family RoomIn my career as a home stager I have done a ton of home staging consultations on occupied properties where I’m often using what a client already has in new and better ways.

Taking on home staging a vacant property is a whole different exercise.  » read more…

Do Staged Homes All Look Alike?

Living Room StagingI stumbled on a magazine article that claimed that if you look at enough real estate listings you’ll start to notice that all the homes on the market look pretty similar.

I can’t totally disagree!

First of all, we’ve all seen the neighborhoods where every home is one of three or four choices for an exterior, and the floor plans are pretty much the same, unless there have been renovations over the years.  » read more…

What If I Don’t Have Home Staging Talent?

home staging talentIt’s totally natural to be nervous about your home staging talent, especially at the beginning of your career as a home stager.

Most aspiring home stagers have asked me, “What if I don’t know enough about home staging to really make a difference in someone’s home?”

I can assure you, if you have the eye of a home stager, your biggest challenges won’t be where to put the couch or what neutral color to repaint the turquoise living room in your client’s home.  » read more…

Home Staging Lets You Do What Comes Naturally

natural decorating talentDoes your creativity have you going through life feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole?

There are many things I appreciate about getting older.

Caring less what people think. Letting myself off the hook for stuff I’m not good at.  » read more…

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