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5 Key Qualities For a Home Staging Assistant Job

home staging jobAt some point in your home staging business, you might decide you need some help. For example when you have to stage a vacant home and all the setup needs to be completed in a day.

It takes time to dress all the beds, get the wrinkles out of the new shower curtain and hang artwork. These home staging tasks are much easier when you have an extra set […]

Are Staged Homes Realistic?

Living room stagingIn a recent post I highlighted the difference between home staging and decorating. One of the key differences that struck me is that staged homes showcase the way someone would dream of living in a particular home.

A 2002 Forbes Magazine article actually called home stagers “the dream weavers of real estate.” It was one of the things that inspired me to start a home staging business that year.

The idea of “weaving dreams” was really appealing. Plus, I […]

Home Stagers Chance to Win $50,000 and Star on HGTV

HGTV for home stagersI love being able to share casting calls for new HGTV shows with my community of home stagers and interior redesigners.

My friend Danielle at JS Casting asked me to share this opportunity with you to win a minimum of $50,000 and appear on a new renovation competition show.

This is for a team of two. You can pair up with a fellow […]

Home Stagers: Should You Paint the Stairway?

unpainted stairs before stagingFor home staging, we’re often looking for a quick and inexpensive fix for the less appealing aspects of our client’s home. A new home stager wrote me recently with this photo of a stairway and her home staging dilemma.

“I have a client with wood basement steps that I would like to suggest painting Sag Harbor Gray and the risers […]

Home Staging Portfolio Should Include Vignettes

home staging vignetteYour home staging portfolio will be greatly improved if you remember to shoot several vignettes along the way. Think of a vignette as a detail or “still life.” It should have an attractive composition.

This really doesn’t require extra work on your part.

You are undoubtedly creating vignettes while you’re staging the home anyways, as seen in this excellent example by Staging Diva Grad Imogen Brown of Home Staging Brisbane.

Vignettes […]

Home Buyer Shocks Experienced Home Stagers

home buyer with snakeI recently wrote an article about how to pick the target market for your home staging project. It’s a process I use as a home stager to develop a clear mental picture of who the likely target buyer is for a home before I make my home staging recommendations.

Home stagers, have you ever been surprised by who actually bought a home you […]

What’s The Difference Between Home Staging and Decorating

Home staging versus DecoratingHome staging and decorating (or interior redesign as it’s also called) are very similar. Both services are concerned with creating a visually appealing home, which is why home stagers are often hired for decorating projects. You are either “decorating to sell” or “decorating to live.”

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