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Home Staging Lets You Do What Comes Naturally

natural decorating talentDoes your creativity have you going through life feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole?

There are many things I appreciate about getting older.

Caring less what people think. Letting myself off the hook for stuff I’m not good at.  » read more…

Home Staging Tips Boost Demand for Stagers

bedroomMagazines, newspapers and websites are filled with lists of home staging tips. That’s great news for home stagers.

It raises awareness and demand for what we do.

Sure, many home sellers will use these tips on their own and think they don’t need a home stager.  » read more…

Recommending Color in a Home Staging Consultation

Benjamin Moore ColorRecently I wrote an article that advised tossing the color wheel and choosing your colors from nature.

This is especially true of decorating projects where you can be more bold in your color choices.

For home staging projects, we tend to stick to neutrals.  » read more…

Great Home Staging is Invisible

Home Staging BrisbaneI believe that great home staging is invisible. That sounds like a paradox.

What I mean is that when you’ve really mastered the art of home staging, few people will realize the house is staged.

Potential buyers just know that they love the house.  » read more…

Home Stagers, Great Taste Getting in the Way?

home stager psychologyIn a recent post I shared how we shouldn’t take our natural decorating talent for granted. This cartoon made me laugh because it’s exactly what I was talking about.

A woman on the psychiatrist’s couch asks, “How can I relax when I know the couch would look so much better in the opposite corner?”

Natural born home stagers and decorators can’t help noticing their environments and wanting to fix them!  » read more…

Home Staging Vacant Home Gets Full Price in Days

Photo Retouching

When I was doing marketing for large corporations I never got that warm and fuzzy feeling that I was making an important difference in the world.

That all changed when I discovered home staging.

It’s no exaggeration to say that our home staging services can have a profound and positive impact on our clients’ lives.  » read more…

5 Key Qualities For a Home Staging Assistant Job

home staging jobAt some point in your home staging business, you might decide you need some help. For example when you have to stage a vacant home and all the setup needs to be completed in a day.

It takes time to dress all the beds, get the wrinkles out of the new shower curtain and hang artwork.  » read more…

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