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Home Buyer Shocks Experienced Home Stagers

home buyer with snakeI recently wrote an article about how to pick the target market for your home staging project. It’s a process I use as a home stager to develop a clear mental picture of who the likely target buyer is for a home before I make my home staging recommendations.

Home stagers, have you ever been surprised by who actually bought a home you [...]

What’s The Difference Between Home Staging and Decorating

Home staging versus DecoratingHome staging and decorating (or interior redesign as it’s also called) are very similar. Both services are concerned with creating a visually appealing home, which is why home stagers are often hired for decorating projects. You are either “decorating to sell” or “decorating to live.”

How to Pick the Target Buyer for Your Home Staging Project

home staging vignetteHome staging is all about decorating a home to sell quickly and for more money. In fact, home stagers have been called the “dream weavers of real estate.” We achieve this by showcasing the property’s best features, especially those that will appeal to the likely target buyer of that particular real estate property.

For a home stager to be most [...]

9 Tips for Setting a Table for Home Staging

table setting home stagingIn a recent post, I discussed the 6 questions to ask before setting a table for home staging.

I also shared my own preferences and examples of when I set a table and when I don’t.

If you’re going to set a table for home staging, you need to do it properly. A badly set table looks worse than one that’s not set at all— and it [...]

6 Questions to Ask Before Setting the Table for Home Staging

setting the table for home stagingMany home stagers wonder if they should set the table for home staging. Possibilities include: breakfast bars, breakfast room tables, kitchen tables and dining room tables.

What, if any, meal should you set them up for? And if you are setting the table for a meal, how far do you go with the items and accessories? Just the place mats, dishes and glassware?  Or do you also need cutlery and a center piece? What about chargers [...]

How to Stage Homes With Radiant Orchid

Stage Homes with Radiant OrchidEvery year the Pantone Institute™ chooses the Color of The Year. For 2014, it’s Radiant Orchid. Great for cosmetics and clothing perhaps, but not my favorite for home staging.

My first reaction was that it reminded me a bit of that dusty rose that was so popular in the 1980s. Thankfully this 2014 color is more vibrant and has more purple in it.

It’s no coincidence that you’ll see Radiant Orchid [...]

Home Staging Color Moods – Part 2

home staging colorIn my last post, Choosing Paint Colors – 8 Color Moods in Decorating and Home Staging, I shared the first 4 color moods from Leatrice Eisemen’s book, Colors for Your Every Mood: Discover Your True Decorating Colors. In case you missed it these were: Tranquil, Whimsical, Nurturing and Traditional.

Here are the remaining 4 moods and how I use them in home staging, color consultations and interior redesign.


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