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What Will I Learn?

These are the exact strategies that Debra used 
to start and grow her own home staging business.

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Use your natural talents to make a living 

Love what you do every day

Stop worrying about money

Have time for your family

Make a difference in the lives of others

Whether you're already a home stager, or just thinking of starting a home staging business, Staging Diva provides everything you need to make a living from your talents. Courses, checklists, templates, discussion group and more— all the essentials you need, without any fluff.  

Start your home staging business in as little as one week! We save you months (if not years) of trial and error, so you can get your business started quickly. You won't waste hours pouring through hundreds of forms or overcomplicated content.

You're 12 Hours Away
From Knowing How To:

Course 1
Cash in Decorating Homes to Sell

  • 8 ways you'll benefit from joining the growing Home Staging industry
  • 5 strategies to get over your fears about starting a business
  • The Staging Diva blueprint for building confidence as you start and grow your business
  • 21 services you can offer as a Stager, and how to make money from each one
  • How to set up your business so you can focus on design and the creative aspects you love
  • How to learn what other Stagers charge, and feel confident in your ability to build your business

Listen to a sample of Course 1:

Course 2
The Business of Home Staging: What You Need to Start & Grow

  • What you need to get started and to grow
  • Why you should register a business
  • Why there's no such thing as staging "accreditation"
  • Top 4 ways to build trust and credibility
  • How to charge for your services
  • Pros and cons of owning a Home Staging inventory
  • How to get designer discounts at retail stores
  • Top 10 low-budget ways to grow your business

Listen to a sample of Course 2:

Course 3
Taking the Mystery Out of Home Staging Consultations

  • How to turn a potential buyer into a paying client
  • Avoiding the "free estimate trap"
  • What to wear and bring to a staging consultation
  • How to start your client meeting
  • What to look for, and how to communicate without offending your clients
  • House showing survival tips to build your client relationship
  • Don't chase your money: How to get paid on the spot and get deposits for future work
  • Invoice templates for every situation
  • How to pave the way for future sales
  • Essential contents for your Staging Day "Toolkit"

Listen to a sample of Course 3:

Course 4
Sales & Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Staging Business

  • Defining what success means to YOU, and what that means for your marketing plan
  • Overcoming the top 5 reasons why someone won't hire a Home Stager
  • Key questions you must answer before someone will become a paying client
  • Knowing your 4 key audiences, and how to reach them
  • Building your web presence and getting found on Google
  • Pricing strategies to work less hours and earn more money

Listen to a sample of Course 4:

Course 5
Over 30 More Ways to Make Money in Home Staging

  • What is an alliance?
  • How alliances make money for you
  • Alliances vs. partnerships
  • 6 key reasons to form alliances
  • 4 key ingredients to look for
  • How to find alliances and negotiate commissions
  • Staging Diva Alliance Assessment Scorecard to evaluate candidates 
  • Wrap-up questions from the training program
  • Invitations to Graduate-only ongoing support

Listen to a sample of Course 5:

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You can actually start listening to your first course within minutes from now!

Downloading is easy and we give you full instructions. You don't need to be a whiz with computers— most students aren't. You can transfer your downloaded audio files onto your cellphone, iPad or other tablet. Or just listen to them on your computer.

Your course documents can be read on your computer screen, printed at home, or you can have an office supply store print them for you.

The key advantages of the Instant Download Packages are that you save money and get your material immediately.

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We're committed to growing a community of successful home stagers and teaching them how to make money doing what they love. 

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"You have laid out a strategy to make this career so much more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise!

I paid big dollars previously for another company's training, which did not begin to compare to the Staging Diva Program."

– Linda Borghi (MO)*
Dazzle Home Staging

"Thanks Debra for such an amazing training program that gave me exactly the right tools and knowledge to enter this business with confidence.

My first staging project was worth $8,000!"

– Elizabeth Englehart (OH)*
Moving Designs

Ready To Get Started? 
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With Staging Diva, there's zero risk! All 3 packages are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee.

Instant Download Customers: You'll receive Internet links to download your course recordings and course notes immediately after purchase of the Instant Download or Instant Download PLUS package. You'll also get an email of your receipt (keep this so you can write off your purchase as a business expense when you file your taxes) and a personal welcome email from Debra Gould explaining how to start using your bonus 2-month membership in the Staging Diva Network. 

Mailed-To-Your-Door Customers: After ordering, you'll get an email of your receipt (keep this so you can write off your purchase as a business expense when you file your taxes). You'll also get a personal welcome email from Debra Gould explaining how to start using your bonus 2-month membership in the Staging Diva Network. Your course material is mailed out to you within 7 days from your orderand you'll get a second email with your shipment confirmation at that time.

Questions? Call Debra Gould at 416-691-6615, or email us for help at info@stagingdiva.com

With the Mailed-To-Your-Door Package, all your materials are sent to you in the mail.

The contents are shown below and include an attractive tabbed binder with all your printed materials and a matching media case with all your audio CDs.

The key advantage with this package is you'll have a physical product to hold in your hands.

The price is a bit higher due to the costs associated with producing and packaging the binder and CDs, and sending them out to you.

Mailed To Your Door

– Jean Smith (FL)*
Staging for Sellers

"The Staging Diva Program has given me the road map to fulfill a dream that I have had for years but was too afraid to make happen. Debra, you gave me all the tools to make this passion a lucrative career, and the confidence to go for it.

Thanks to you, I have been able to find a passion, joy and zeal that I had craved for so long. I really can’t say enough about the absolutely incredible and generous person that you are.

You are that voice of confidence that keeps me focused and moving forward."

– Lori Fischer (PA)*
Rethink Home Interiors

"I'm so happy to be starting a new business at the age of 76.

I got two staging projects within weeks of completing the Staging Diva Training.

Thank you Debra for everything you have done to make my dreams come true!"

Staging Diva gives you the complete blueprint to start and grow a successful home staging business. 

Home staging expert Debra Gould teaches you where to start, how to get your first clients, and how turn your creative passion into a full or part-time business.

Her proven business model prevents you from falling into common pitfalls like working without pay or chasing clients.

Build your home staging business the right way. The Staging Diva shows you how with step-by-step instructions!

Here's How You Know 
Home Staging is Right for You!

Spend hours browsing decorating magazines, Pinterest, or watching HGTV?

Do You:

Find yourself mentally rearranging furniture or accessories in peoples' homes?

Give free decorating and color advice to friends and family

Find satisfaction helping others and feeling like you’ve made a difference?

Feel like you are stifling your creative talent in your life or current job?

Need more flexibility in your schedule and the freedom to plan your time?

If you answered yes to at least 4 of these questions, then we know that you'll love home staging.

Learn From One of the Most Respected Names in the Home Staging Industry

Debra Gould's staging expertise has been featured on HGTV, Wall Street Journal, This Old House, CNN Money, Woman's Day, Reader's Digest, House & Home, Style at Home and more.

Within 2 years of starting her own home staging business, the Staging Diva was earning up to $10,000 a month staging homes.* She now teaches her students exactly how she did that, so they can copy her formula for business success.

You won't waste time doing free estimates, chasing payments, or stalking real estate agents when you follow Debra's proven business model.

In the Staging Diva Training Program, you will learn exactly how to start and run a profitable home staging business from a real expert.

Home Staging Expert Debra Gould has been featured on:

Imagine Profiting From Your Natural Creative Talent!

Staging Diva is a Shortcut to Your 
Success as a Home Stager

You Can Get Your Home Staging Business Up 
and Running in as Little as A WEEK!

We continually survey our students to ensure our training meets their needs. An impressive 98.8% of students say they would recommend the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program to others.

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"I was in a tedious admin role when my Mom died and it really made me evaluate what I was doing. I started the Staging Diva Training Program 6 weeks later and it was just the kick I needed.

It really helped me understand how to run a home staging business. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. I wanted to know what works and what doesn’t from someone who has been there so that I can set up my business quickly and simply. These expectations were exceeded.

Debra Gould has saved me hours of time and frustration by providing a simple, no-nonsense process to follow.
She has also made sure that I’m building the business and attracting the clients that I want, and charging what I’m worth for it. All with a hefty dose of motivation and ‘go girl’ attitude. I'm totally ready to go out there and help people sell their homes and get on with their lives.”

– Imogen Brown (AU)*
Home Staging Brisbane

"I had a lot of fear that was holding me back from pursuing what I really wanted to do and be. The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program gave me the confidence to move forward.

The behind-the-scenes of how home staging works was a mystery to me, and I felt that Debra Gould’s transparency in the course CDs was open and honest.

I needed a mentor to help me figure out the inner workings of the business from pricing to marketing and I felt that’s exactly what Debra delivered.”

– Amy Spencer (SC)*
Amy Spencer Interiors

“I just got paid $9,500 for a redesign project. Debra it is unbelievable, I never thought I could get paid this much for decorating. I was just all smiles the whole day yesterday because I feel like I got paid to play! 

And while choosing furniture for my current project, I met a different couple in the store and helped them choose the right artwork and lamps for their own place. It turns out they just renovated their home and because they liked the ideas I shared in the store, they want me to do their whole house right after Christmas! Isn’t that amazing?!

Honestly, the $1,300 I spent for the Staging Diva Program is by far the best purchase ever. I am still in shock with the turn of events with my new company! I’m so excited for more things to come in the new year!”

– Red Barrinuevo (ON)*
Redesign 4 More

"Next month will be my 5th anniversary operating a home staging business. This past year I completed 38 home staging and redesign projects, got featured in the media and had my first month with earnings of $7,000!

All of these successes are a result of carrying out Debra Gould’s ideas and recommendations and the home staging business model she shares in the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program, resources and coaching calls.

Staging Diva offers a wealth of materials and is the reason my self-confidence and self-assurance have blossomed these past 5 years."

– Stacy Goade (AK)*
Alaska Premier Home Staging

"The Staging Diva Program has inspired me to change my life and pursue a career that will be fulfilling emotionally and financially. The journey to become a home stager has brought new purpose and meaning to my life, and a goal to obtain.

Debra's emails encourage me to stay the course and keep going. All I know is for the first time in my life I have a direction, purpose and a goal to reach for!"

– Kim Hart (MA)*
Hartridge Home Staging

"I have never done home staging before, and yet I feel well equipped to begin my business. I am so excited to get started.

It didn't take me long to complete the course. I completed it in a weekend and then went back and reviewed all the materials again. The recordings are easy to listen to on my walks and they serve as a great refresher of what I learned."

– Kelly DeTommaso (PA)*
Elegant Transitions

Ready to Build a Successful Staging Business Like These Grads?

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Give Us 12 Hours and We'll Give You
the Keys to Making Money in your Own
Home-Based Business!

The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program is made up of 5 course modules. Each one is approximately 2 hours of audio recordings plus accompanying study notes and checklists. You can pause, rewind or re-listen to any of the material as often as you like. 

The courses include homework assignments, but they're only to reinforce your own learning and encourage you to move closer to your goal of making money as a home stager. You don't have to submit homework to us for grading. And there are no exams to pass. 

We don't believe in giving you make-work projects or asking you to jump through unnecessary hoops to complete your training. You will gain significant advantages by following the Staging Diva System, so homework is provided only to encourage you to take the steps needed to start your business.

The goal of this program is to make sure you have what you need to really make money as a home stager while doing the creative staging work that you love and treating your clients with honesty and integrity. All the courses and accompanying materials are described in detail below!

Learn How to Turn Your Talent
Into Your Own Home Staging Business

When you have the eye of a home stager, you can't help but notice that the furniture or accessories are in the wrong place when you walk into a room. It's like a reflex. 

It's something you do from instinct, because you have natural talent. If that sounds like you, then you don't need a decorating course to start a home staging business.

What you need is home staging business training

That’s exactly what Staging Diva specializes in: teaching you everything you need to know to make money from your decorating talent.

In the Staging Diva Training Program, you'll learn how to build a successful business with flexible hours that lets you make your own schedule. Choose the days and times you want to work!

"I've made more money working part time in 10 months as a stager than I used to make all year in my full-time job as a manager. 

Plus I can home school my boys in the mornings and work my staging business in the afternoons. I work my own hours, set my schedule and my sons get a first-hand look at running a business.

I hope that seeing the courage I found to follow my own dream will inspire my kids to follow theirs, and to know that anything is possible!"

– Laura Kakoschke (AB)*
Hunter Lake Home Staging and Design

If you're serious about starting and growing your own home staging business, it's important to choose the right training so that you'll learn how to make money as a home stager without wasting your time.

As a Staging Diva student, you'll get a realistic view of what it takes to succeed as a home stager because your teacher and mentor Debra Gould has been personally staging houses since 2002. 

She has helped hundreds of her own staging clients while learning the ins and outs of how to make money in a staging business.

In the courses, you'll hear Debra share stories and lessons from actual client projects, not abstract theories that may or may not work in the real world.

Because the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program is based on real world experience, it will put you years ahead in your own staging business by saving you tons of trial and error trying to figure out everything on your own.

Imagine taking a huge shortcut to your own success and then making back the cost of your training after only 1 or 2 clients!

"The Staging Diva Program transformed my way of thinking about the business of home staging.

I was formerly trained by two other 3-day staging programs. In fact, I was even a teacher for one of them! 

However, their staging pricing model was incorrect.

Their wrong information kept me stuck. Trudging up a difficult hill wondering why I wasn't making real money as a home stager.

It wasn't until Debra explained home staging consulting and billing correctly, that I was able to shift into better home staging income levels."

– Jill Gargus-Turgeon (AB)*
Simply Irresistible Interiors Inc.

"I'd been checking out Staging Diva and other home staging programs for over a year. Honestly Debra's course exceeded my expectations. 

I love the fact that this program is a 'blueprint' with all the ins & outs of developing a staging business — what a gift! 

The Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program proved to be 'over-the-top' on a scale of 1 to 10."

– Ameenah Lutfee (CA)*
Staging Sisters Home Staging

You'll be working from your home office (or even your kitchen table), fitting in your client appointments around your other needs. Perhaps you have a full-time or part-time job you're not ready to give up, or maybe you want to make extra money while your kids are in school.

Many Staging Diva Graduates have left high-powered careers to become home stagers because they're tired of doing work they aren't passionate about. What amazes them is that they can make just as much money being their own boss and running a home staging business.

Be a full-time home stager 
or do it on the side

In addition to making money from your creative talents, home staging is a low-cost business to get into. You don't need to invest in inventory and you don't need a storefront. You also won't waste money on advertising or door-to-door flyers when you learn The Staging Diva's secrets to marketing on a shoestring budget!

Home staging is a creatively satisfying career that costs little

Save time and money by
studying from home!

There's no need to travel to take the Staging Diva Program because you'll be studying from home. That saves you a ton of money, time and the stress of travel.

And you can have the complete program within minutes if you like (more on that further down this page)!

When you're ready to start the home staging courses, you just turn on an audio recording, open your study notes and get busy.  Some students even listen on the go while commuting to their existing job!

It may be convenient for you to study at night, or spend a weekend, or you may want to spread the material out over several weeks. It's entirely up to you, and at your convenience.

No matter which training package you choose, you will be a Graduate of the Staging Diva Program and receive a personalized certificate in the mail.

All Staging Diva Grads get artwork like this to use on their website and other marketing material.

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Meet Our Students

If you’re looking for honest reviews of Staging Diva, or want to see the kinds of people who join the Staging Diva Community and the results they create, you're in luck.

There are over 30,000 Staging Diva students in 23 countries from ages 22 to 76. Here are a few of their stories:


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PLUS These Bonuses!

Staging Consultation Checklist with Room-by-Room Planning Forms

This is two products in one! The Home Staging Consultation Checklist includes what you need to know before, during and after your meeting with your client and how to make sure you get paid. 

Plus, Room-by-Room Client Planning Forms that you can photocopy and use in any staging consultation to just fill in the blanks as you go through your appointment.

Home Staging Business
Quick-Start Checklist

Starting a new business is scary. There are so many things to consider and so many steps to take. It's hard to know what to do first!

This quick-start guide to the first 20 steps you need to start your home staging business will keep you focused and organized. Think of it as your immediate "to do list" as  you work through the 5 home staging courses.

Staging Diva Network Online Discussion Group (2 months)

Since your trial membership starts right away, you can use the Network for support while working with the course material. If you have a question or an idea you'd like feedback on, just pop in and post it on our private Network. You'll get an answer from Debra and the other Grad members. Plus, you'll find an archive of helpful tips and discussions from past years.

Training Program Action Guide

Filled with 100 pages of activities to help you stay organized and moving forward step-by-step. Nothing in the Action Guide is "make work." It's all geared towards helping you plan your business and focus on your priorities with fill-in-the-blank worksheets, exercises, checklists and more. 

**Only in the Instant Download PLUS and the Mailed-To-Your-Door Packages.

Staging Diva Question and Answer Recording

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, shares a one-hour audio recording of a Question and Answer call she did with a small group of Staging Diva Graduates about a month after they completed the home staging training program. 

**Only in the Instant Download PLUS and the Mailed-To-Your-Door Packages.

Ready To Start Making Money From Your Natural Staging Talent?

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PLUS, Get a Staging Diva Training Program Certificate and Grad Badge

Upon completion of our 5 courses, you can call yourself a "Graduate of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program." You'll get a personalized certificate like this one within 4 weeks of ordering the program. Plus, you get Grad Badge artwork you can use on your web site, social media and other marketing materials.


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