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Home Stagers It’s Your Move

Home stagers it's your moveThis morning I woke up totally overwhelmed by a big business project I have ahead of me, which includes redesigning and rebuilding one of my largest websites.

Suddenly, none of the details seemed fun. I just wanted to run away and live on the cute little house boat I saw online two nights ago.  » read more…

Giving Thanks for This Inspiring Home Stager

home stager Mary Ellen MottolaI can’t even imagine having young children and being told I had less than a year to live. That’s what happened to an amazing woman I met by phone a few days ago.

She radiated positivity, energy and enthusiasm in our conversation. It totally inspired my day and I haven’t stopped thinking about her.  » read more…

Home Staging Lets You Do What Comes Naturally

natural decorating talentDoes your creativity have you going through life feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole?

There are many things I appreciate about getting older.

Caring less what people think. Letting myself off the hook for stuff I’m not good at.  » read more…

Home Stagers Boring Doesn’t Sell

staging diva color paletteHome stagers, I’m so tired of one house after another filled with boring neutrals and nothing memorable.

It washes over me like a sea of nothingness.

I don’t remember any of the rooms or the houses.

During a home staging consultation, we can be so afraid to take a risk.  » read more…

Is Fear Keeping You From a Home Staging Business?

Amy Spencer Home StagerSo many of us spend our best years letting fear stop us from starting our dream business.

We make excuses like, “I”m too busy,” while we spend 30 to 40 hours a week in front of the TV and Facebook.

We make excuses like, “I can’t afford it,” while we continue to buy impulse items almost everywhere we go.  » read more…

Great Moments in a Home Staging Career

home staging career possibilityWhen you embark on a home staging career there are many delightful surprises along the way that you couldn’t have imagined.

It feels hard to take what seems like a huge leap into the unknown to start a business.

But all growth opportunities feel like a huge leap when you first make your decision!  » read more…

Home Stagers, Don’t Let Your Dream Die

Home Stagers Don't Let Your Dream DieI’ve been supporting myself from a home-based business of one kind or another since 1989. Which means I’ve kept going through my 30s, 40s and now into my mid-50s.

I started or grew businesses during two severe recessions, a few health crises, various house moves and mortgages, and the birth (and raising) of a child on my own.  » read more…

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