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10 Factors Shape Your Home Staging Business Personality

business personalityThere are so many “personality tests” which measure things like whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, whether you’re creative, altruistic, etc.

Personality tests are fun. The results can give you some insights into why you behave a certain way in different situations, what types of people you should have around you, why your energy is drained or enhanced by certain […]

What If I Need to Move My Home Staging Business?

moving home staging businessApproximately 14% of people move every year. About 50% of these move within the same county, 20% move counties and stay in the same state, and another 20% move to a different state entirely.

This is all great news for your home staging business since you’re earning a living decorating homes to sell on the real estate market.

That means in any given year, more than 10% of your existing […]

Home Staging Cost – When Home Stagers Give It Away

cheap home staging Home staging cost and home stager salary are frequently searched terms by home stagers.

Sadly, too many home stagers have no idea what to charge for their services. For some reason most training programs don’t address this even though it’s one of the most important factors in whether  a home staging business is profitable.

Too many beginners assume they have to offer the lowest prices—or worse, offer […]

4 Tips To Boost Home Staging Profits and Joy

home staging profitsMany new home stagers— and sadly even some who have had a struggling home staging business for a year or more— believe that getting better at choosing/rearranging furniture is what it takes to be successful.

In other words, they’re focused solely on the practice of home staging and decorating, and not on the business side of the home staging success equation.

You can make your business way more enjoyable and boost your […]

5 Ways to Use Home Staging Testimonials

home staging testimonialsIn a recent article I shared the 5 things effective home staging testimonials need to get maximum marketing value from them. Today, I’d like to share various ways you can use your home staging testimonials.

Basically, you’re trying to make prospective customers feel like they’re making a good decision choosing you and one of the ways you do that is by showing how you’ve helped others, just like them. In other words, your […]

Wicked Witch or Real Estate Agent? When Home Stagers Get Paid

wicked witch or real estate agentMany home stagers have faced the dreaded question, “Can you wait until closing to get paid for your home staging services?” How you answer that question will have a big impact on how long you remain in your home staging business.

You’ll hear this question mostly from real estate agents.

There you are, a brand new home […]

Expert Home Stager Shares 3 Dirty Little Secrets

home staging secretFor my 1,000th post in Home Staging Business Report I thought I’d discuss 3 dirty little secrets all home stagers share— whether they’re really experienced or just starting out. I want to thank a home stager I coached this week for inspiring me to write this.

She is exactly where she was a year ago, no closer to starting her home staging business. […]

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