Stop Insulting Home Buyers’ Intelligence with Silly Staging Tricks – Part 3

Tea Tray on bedI’m having so much fun with this series of blog posts! But I would love to see more comments with examples of silly staging tricks you’ve seen. Please share!

Earlier this week I shared some creepy staging tricks and some silly staging tactics which happen in the kitchen and dining room of many homes. Today’s post is all about something I’m very sick of seeing and buyers are becoming very aware of:

The obviously staged bedroom

How many times must we be forced to see a throw ”casually” draped diagonally over the foot of a bed with a tray sitting on top holding a couple of wine glasses or a teapot with cups?

This might be okay for a hotel honeymoon suite, but normal people don’t live that way.

Speaking of diagonals, I can’t understand why people place a bed diagonally in a space – I have never seen a case where it worked. It usually just makes the room look weird and crowded.

Worse than a bed on a diagonal, though, is an imaginary bed. Some home stagers will put a rug in a room with throw pillows and some books to represent a bed.

I once watched a hysterical YouTube video in which a so called home staging expert was advising her students that setting up a picnic blanket in a master bedroom with a little vignette when there wasn’t sufficient budget for furniture would work. She recommended a scenario that would look like a marriage proposal, complete with ring box, love note, picnic basket and stem ware. Talk about a silly distraction from the main point of decorating a house to sell!

When it comes to the ever important master bedroom, if the buyer can’t walk in and see how their bed will fit or how they can live in there with all their other furniture, they’re going to decide that the room doesn’t work for them. Make sure there’s an actual bed with usable night tables on each side and some nice bedding.

There should be one long dresser (usually with a mirror on top) and one “high boy” dresser or tall chest of drawers. To fit all that in, you may need to use a double bed rather than a queen or king. And be careful with sleigh beds or tall canopies, they shrink a bedroom faster than any other piece of furniture and should only be used in an unusually large bedroom.

Monday I’ll be posting about silly staging tricks that buyers would never fall for – in the bathroom.

Debra Gould, the Staging Diva
Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®
President, Six Elements Home Staging

Home Staging expert Debra Gould also known as The Staging Diva knows how to make money as a home stager and has taught over 8000 students how to do the same. She is the author of several guides including the Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide: Home Staging Tips, Tricks and Floor Plans.


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