Home Staging Marketing: Your Home Stager Headshot

Home Staging Marketing Head ShotYour home stager headshot is a critical piece of your overall home staging marketing strategy.

Most of us hate getting our picture taken. We put if off  with any number of excuses like waiting for the perfect hair day, or when we’ve caught up on our sleep or when we’ve dropped another 10 pounds.

Fortunately, photo editing programs can be used to minimize wrinkles, camouflage those bags under our eyes or even get rid of other people we no longer want in the picture.

Why Your Photo is a Key Piece of Your Home Staging Marketing

As a home stager, you’ll be going to someone’s home. It’s a very personal service. After all, you’ll be opening all the closets and hiding places even their closest relatives have never seen.

In other words, your clients are hiring YOU not just your company.

To help put them at ease, they need to see what you look like when they visit your website. And with sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., you need a head shot to represent your public/social identity. Wondering how to have your head shot show up whenever you comment on a blog?

Home staging is an image business and your personal image is part of how you market your home staging services. This doesn’t mean you have to look like a celebrity! After all, how many people would be comfortable working with you if you did?

What Your Home Stager Head Shot Should Say About You

Your head shot communicates a lot about you and gives your prospective clients a sense of what it might be like working with you.

Subtle things like the lighting, angle of your head, and your wardrobe and hairstyle communicate a bit about your personality.

People make assumptions, rightly or wrongly and it happens in an instant. Here are some of the adjectives you’ll likely want your potential clients and the public to think about you when looking at your head shot:

  • Professional
  • Stylish
  • Contemporary
  • Friendly
  • Open
  • Personable
  • Easy to talk to
  • Trustworthy

In Part 2 of this series, I’ll share specific tips for getting a great head shot taken for your home staging marketing package (whether you use a professional photographer or not) and share some examples from Staging Diva Students. If you’re not already a subscriber to Home Staging Business Report, share your name and email in the green box below so that I can email you when Part 2 of this series is available.

Home stagers, decorators, real estate agents, have you had a professional head shot taken or did you get a friend to shoot your photo? What tips would you share with other home stagers and interior redesigners? Please share your experiences in the comment section and I’ll share the best in my next article about this topic.

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®
President, Six Elements Home Staging and Voice Of Possibility Group Inc.

Debra Gould has an MBA in Marketing and knows from personal experience how to make money as a home stager. She developed the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program to teach others how to earn a living doing something they love. Debra is frequently profiled in the media for her home staging expertise and is the author of  Staging Diva Ultimate Portfolio Guide: Winning Clients With The Perfect Home Staging Portfolio which includes a whole section on getting the right head shot for your home staging marketing.


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