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Home Staging boosts real estate agent profits

"I feel like we've won the lottery! Thanks to Debra Gould's Home Staging advice, we sold in a day for $100,000 more than we expected. I know we never would have come close to that without her great ideas!"

Jim C., East York

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Answers to questions commonly asked by real estate agents considering
Home Staging for their clients

home stagers romances the buyer with every detail What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art of decorating a home to sell quickly and for top dollar.

It may be as simple as rearranging what you already have or as complex as bringing in new furniture, accessories and art. Most projects lie somewhere between these two extremes.

Home Staging is also referred to as:

  • house staging
  • house fluffing
  • real estate staging
  • real estate styling
  • property styling

Why should I recommend Home Staging to my clients?

If your listings show well it reflects well on your professionalism and helps your clients sell more quickly and for a higher dollar.

After all, it's your name on the sign on the front lawn and people driving by notice whether your listings usually say "SOLD" or whether they sit for a long time.

Turning your listings more quickly results in less hassle and higher profits for you.

You know what it's like to be stuck with a weak listing. Your clients call you daily wondering why it hasn't sold, when you'll be running another ad, when your next open house is scheduled.

You know the issue isn't how many ads you run, but how bad the house shows. But how do you tell them?

Home Stagers address issues you may not feel comfortable discussing with your clients.

We'll tackle sensitive topics like odor problems, ugly decor, etc. in a diplomatic way.

Home Stagers free your time to focus on what you do best.

We taking over the worry of getting a home showing-ready and on time for your photography and agent open house.

Imagine how nice it would be to show up for your open house knowing that all you have to do is open the door and everything else will be perfect!

Would you rather spend your money promoting a listing that looks like this. . .
Dining Room before Staging by Six Elements
Or one that looks like this (yes it's the same room 2 weeks later) . . .
Dining Room after staging by Six Elements
Won't it be nice to have your name attached to listings you can be proud of and that you know will sell quickly?

If I recommend Home Staging do I have to pay for it?

Some agents include an initial consultation with a Home Stager on their high end listings. Others will reimburse the homeowner for a portion of the fees after they've collected their commission. Obviously, the higher the price point of the listing, the more room you have to maneuver in terms of what you invest to sell the property.

Many agents just refer their clients to home stagers, in much the same way as you would recommend a home inspector or real estate lawyer. You aren't expected to pay those fees so why would home staging be any different?

Many clients are asking agents to recommend a stager so it's a good idea to have one or two good ones in your Rolodex.

If you need content for your web site to help your clients understand the need for home staging, we can supply FREE articles to you in exchange for links. Please email to arrange and include your URL in your request.

I already tell my clients what they should do before putting their house on the market.
You might have told your client to get rid of the clutter in this room . . .
Basement a chaos of clutter before staging by Debra Gould
But as an agent, do you have time to turn this same room into this . . .
Basement a fabulous family room after staging by Debra Gould

You're in the service business and you have only so many hours in a day! Every hour you spend inside one of your listings discussing how to improve it for sale, is another hour you aren't spending marketing the property or getting another listing!

Many agents suggest obvious repairs, cleaning and decluttering; but do you really want to spend hours deciding the optimal placement of every piece of furniture or accessory?

Are you comfortable recommending paint colors?

If you have an empty home, do you know how to get it fully furnished? Is this how you should be spending your time?

What if your client has terrible taste? Do you want to tell them their furniture has to be replaced? Do you want to tell them to put away all their treasured family photos, heirlooms and collection of 60 house plants?

Graduates of The Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program are ready to deal with all of these issues.

This makes your job easier and lets you focus on what you're good at— getting and selling your listings!

The real estate market is hot in my area. Why should I bother with Home Staging?

While it's true that in a seller's market it sometimes feels like all you have to do is stick a sign on the front lawn and the house will sell. But you know that not all properties sell fast even in a hot market. There are always the listings that languish on the market while everything else sells.

You know how bad you look to your clients in that situation and how embarrassing it is to have your sign on the lawn in front of a non-selling house in a hot market week after week.

Even the houses that show relatively well and will sell regardless of what you do, you know that if you can get 10 couples in a bidding war the price will go WAY up! Home staging makes it that much easier for that to happen.

Read more about why home staging works.

Can Home Staging help me turn listings in a slow real estate market?

CNN Money did a story on 5 strategies homeowners can use to get top dollar in a slow real estate market.

Home Staging was the top strategy and they interviewed Home Staging expert Debra Gould, also known as The Staging Diva® to explain why.

Basically, the slower the market the harder you have to work to turn your listings. Anything you can do to get a competitive edge over similar houses for sale in the area will make your job easier and make you look good to current and prospective clients and your fellow agents.

Don't you owe it to yourself to do what you can to blow away the competition? Wouldn't it be great to get a bidding war going because your listing looks so much better than everything else in the price range?

Answers to typical questions homeowners have about home staging.

Home Staging by Debra Gould

How much does Home Staging cost?

It can range from a few hundred dollars for an initial consultation to thousands of dollars to furnish an entire home. It completely depends on:

  • the current size and state of the home
  • how much of the work your client is willing to do themselves once they have the home stager's advice
  • the price point of the home

For example, it costs more to furnish a million dollar home than a $250,000 home, because of the square footage and the calibre of furnishings that would be required to fit the home's target market.

If the home is already furnished, fees may range from $250 to $800 depending on the home stager's experience level and how much needs to be done.

Whether you are paying for the consultation or simply recommending home staging to your client, it's important to remember that home staging advice is an investment in a potentially significant financial return. Don't base the choice of stager purely on price, consider who will do the best job.

Read more about the process of home staging

How do I find a Home Stager in my area?

We get inquiries from all over the world and have a database of thousands of excellent Home Stagers.

If you can't find someone in our Directory of Home Stagers, you can use our FREE Home Stager Locator Service. We'll gladly locate someone for you.

What if I have a vacant home to sell?

Selling an empty home isn't a good idea. Buyers have great difficulty envisioning how their furniture should be arranged and they have no sense of how big the rooms are with no point of reference.

Vacant homes tend to look depressing and they also draw attention to every possible construction flaw since there's nothing else to look at.

It's hard for buyers to make an emotional connection with an empty house. That's why builders use model homes.

"I am anxious to get going with my house staging business and make some money.  My last 5 years of work were so draining and negative that these last few weeks since leaving have given me a new breath and finding your web site was the icing on the cake!
Home Stager NY
You have done an unbelievable job with your life and career, I only hope to follow humbly in your footsteps and most importantly be happy!"
Lisa Leib (NY)
Coach Realtors Northport

What if I want to become a Home Stager?

Several Staging Diva Graduates are also Realtors. If you want to do both, you'll have to decide whether you want to be an agent who happens to do home staging, or a home stager who happens to have a real estate license.

That distinction makes a huge difference to how you market your services and how you spend most of your time.

Many of the agents who take The Staging Diva Program are looking to home staging as a way to transition out of the 24/7 demands of being a real estate agent.

These questions are addressed as part of The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program.

Answers to questions aspiring home stagers frequently ask about the business of home staging.

Why Home Staging works

"I'm so impressed with the 5 Staging Diva courses. Listening to them at my convenience really expedited starting my staging business, which I know will be less stressful than real estate.

I almost signed up for a 3 day staging course in Denver but made the right choice taking your program instead.

Your honest and sound business advice was needed more than practice moving furniture around (I can do that part!).

You've given me a solid idea of how to set up my business and get started. Debra, you are truly an inspiration to entrepreneurs!"

April Waldron (UT)
Evolution Home Design, LLC

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