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Have you been stumped flipping through paint swatches? Do you worry about recommending the wrong colors? Are you nervous about putting a color palette together while your home staging client is watching you?

You are minutes away from solving these concerns. Get the information you need and boost your color confidence with the Staging Diva Ultimate Color Guide!

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What Will I Learn?

  • When and how to discuss color in your home staging consultations

  • How to overcome client resistance

  • 30 Tips for choosing home staging paint colors

  • Different paint sheen levels and when to use them

  • What to do when staging a home with ugly wallpaper

  • Top Collections for home staging in Canada and the US

  • 85 Specific colors for walls, ceilings, trims, doors and floors

  • 15 Staging Diva home staging color palettes to get you started, and how to create your own

  • Color recommendations with specific Benjamin Moore® color names and numbers (includes US and Canadian versions)

  • How to use this information when buying any other brand of paint

  • How to get your very own Benjamin Moore Designer Kit

  • How to find local Benjamin Moore paint dealers


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Learn everything you need to know about home staging paint colors from an expert. Staging Diva Ultimate Color Guide author, and internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould, was dubbed "as color conscious as Matisse" by Boulevard Magazine in their cover story.

In this important Guide, Debra shares her 85 favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors (by specific name and number) so you can use them too. She also gives you 15 different color palettes for painting an entire house.

Learn The Staging Diva's Go-To
Home Staging Paint Colors!

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"I love the Color Guide. I never thought there was so much to know about colors and paint. This was the topic I was most nervous about as I didn't know that different colors, lighting and sheens make all the difference.

Now I'll be more confident when explaining these details to clients. I never would have thought it would be so easy to learn. 

I love the way Debra presents information— to the point and very easy to understand. Just like all Staging Diva material this Color Guide is outstanding and gave me more information for building my business."

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Paint Colors Are the Most Important Part of Your Home Staging Toolkit

Repainting with the right paint color is the cheapest and easiest way to totally transform a home— especially when you want to do it quickly to put it on the real estate market. 

Yet most people are paralyzed by the thousands of paint color choices available.

If you have trouble quickly finding the right paint color for a room, or putting them together for a pleasing palette across multiple rooms, the Staging Diva® Ultimate Color Guide: The Easy Way to Pick Colors for Home Staging Projects is your must-have resource!

Not only will you get a quick reference to the best home staging paint colors, you'll learn how to make your own selections (and how to combine them) for the future! 

This knowledge will boost your profits, by expanding your services beyond home staging and into interior redesign and color consulting— when you're ready, and have a client who isn't selling their home right away.

In this Staging Diva Ultimate Guide, internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould shares specific paint color names and numbers. These are her favorite picks after decorating hundreds of homes to sell, and seeing what colors work best under different lighting conditions.

Take the guesswork out of choosing colors during a home staging consultation. Debra will tell you the process she uses to quickly and easily develop a home staging color palette to appeal to home buyers.

NOTE: If Benjamin Moore paint is not available in your country, you should not order this guide.

The possible combinations are almost endless and these palettes will help you understand how you can create your own. This Guide will take away that overwhelming feeling of staring at the full range of 2,500+ paint colors and not knowing where to start.

There's no need to feel intimidated by color once you have the 
Ultimate Color Guide. Debra explains the various sheen levels and recommends specific colors to pick for walls, trim, ceiling, basement floors and even the front door! You'll go to your next home staging consultation with renewed confidence!

"The Staging Diva Ultimate Color Guide saved me hundreds of hours. Within 45 minutes, I had my own Staging Fan Deck put together! 

It's easier to carry, less daunting for clients and reinforces my professionalism and expertise. 

Debra, your suggestions are brilliant. I cannot tell you how inspiring you are!"

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– Leigh Olson (WA)*

Please Note:

As a home stager you need your own color swatches or Color/Designer Kit from a paint manufacturer if you are going to recommend color to your clients.

This Guide is based on the Benjamin Moore line of paint because it is readily available across Canada and the United States. Also, stores like Home Depot® can duplicate Benjamin Moore colors in another brand if you prefer.

This Guide will save you hours of having to figure out the right colors to use out of the 2,500+ possibilities. The full color names and numbers are provided, but you need real paint sample swatches from Benjamin Moore for accurate color representation. The actual color samples are not included in this Guide because every computer and printer will display them differently.

This Ultimate Color Guide tells you how to get your own Designer's Kit (and they are free in most cases). You can also visit your local Benjamin Moore dealer to get swatches of the colors recommended in this Guide. 
Do not order this Guide if you are outside North America where Benjamin Moore paints are not available.

– Ofelia Doherty (CA)*

staging diva graduate

"The Staging Diva Ultimate Color Guide is a great help. It cuts down the overwhelming choices for wall colors and gets down to what really works for Home Staging. 

Great information on how to introduce wall color to clients. They can be resistant to change, but Debra gives you step-by-step information on how to suggest the best possible solution to attract the greatest number of buyers."

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Photo credit: Benjamin Moore

- Ofelia Doherty (CA)*


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