Home Staging in This Economy Compared to Other Business Types

ScalesA career in home staging is unique in many ways including the flexibility it offers, the minimal cash investment needed to get started and the satisfying income you can enjoy as you grow your business.

Not all start-ups offer the same benefits as a home staging business in this economy. After looking at this list of other design-oriented business types you’ll quickly see why a career in home staging can be much more enjoyable, secure and profitable:

  • Decorator – You could start up a home decorating business fairly quickly, but since decorating is a non-essential service, it is often one of the first things people cut back on during a recession. There’s not much job security in that.
  • Storefront business – You could open a shop selling an assortment of merchandise, but this type of business has extremely high overhead due to rent and staff, not to mention the capital outlay that is required for inventory. You would also have to be open during business hours and weekends, so there’s very little flexibility.
  • Multi-level marketing (MLM) – You could start up a business where you market the products of a parent company, but you’re usually required to buy inventory, so the required capital can be significant. You’ll also have to spend a lot of time recruiting other distributors in order to make any money.
  • Real estate agent – You could get your real estate license, but this is a pretty tough time to be an agent given how saturated the market currently is. Even when the economy recovers, being a real estate agent has its downsides. Agents have no flexibility because they’re basically on call 24/7. They also have much higher overhead than stagers, and they only get paid if a house sells.

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Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®
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