First Staging Diva Graduate in Hobart, Tasmania

home stager Hobart TasmaniaI’m really proud of my newest Staging Diva Graduate, Adam Luttrell. Check out the amazing job he did in his own home which will be featured in a major daily newspaper in Tasmania. His home staging company Shift By Design is located in Hobart, Tasmania.

What strikes me about this photo from his home office is how this interior could as easily be from a home anywhere in Canada or the US.

When Adam first registered for the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program, I wondered whether there would be great differences between homes in Tasmania and in North America. I knew my home staging business training would translate there (solid business and marketing thinking works anywhere), I just wondered how different the interiors would look.

From what I see here and the other photos Adam has shared with me, great style and an absence of clutter present a home well no matter where it is!

Adam is the second Staging Diva Graduate in Australia. The first one, Lorraine Baxter of Living Trends Property Staging, is located just outside of Sydney. Lorraine has had an interior design business for over a year but recently decided to focus more on home staging so she took the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program in July of this year.


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