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Home Staging Glossary by Staging Diva

Home stagers learn how to "talk the talk"

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41. Free Estimate Trap
A phrase coined by Debra Gould referring to the situation that many stagers encounter when providing free estimates for potential clients. Once the stager arrives at the home to do a free estimate, the homeowners often ask for detailed staging advice with the intention of staging the home themselves. Since the stager is already on the property, the stager is “trapped” into giving away staging advice without being paid for it. To ensure you get paid for every home staging client appointment, even if you've never been to their home before, see the Staging Diva Sales Script: How to Avoid the Free Estimate Trap and Turn Homeowners into Home Staging Customers in One Phone Conversation.
42. FSBO
An acronym for "For Sale By Owner," FSBO describes a home that's being sold privately rather than being listed by an agent. FSBO home sellers list privately to avoid paying the typical 5% to 6% sales commission to a real estate agent. In doing so, they take on the risk and responsibilities of promoting their own home, hosting open houses and showings, and negotiating offers. Learn how home stagers can work on FSBO properties.
43. Gallery Wrap
When you don't want to frame a piece of art, a gallery wrap is a nice option. The art is painted or printed on artist canvas, which is wrapped around stretcher bars that add depth and eliminate the need for a frame. Stretcher bars are available in various depths. Half-inch or 1-inch stretcher bars make the art look less expensive than something deeper, like 1.5-inch or 2-inch. Sometimes the sides of the canvas are painted or printed in a solid color like black; other times, the image actually wraps around the sides of the stretcher bars, so when the artwork is viewed at an angle, you can actually see the image continue until it ends at the wall. Art for home stagers is available in framed prints as well as gallery wrap on canvas in the Staging Diva Art Shop.
44. Google Alert
You can use the free Google Alert feature to set up email alerts to notify you whenever a word or phrase you are interested in appears on the Internet. Set these up for your own name and the name of your staging business, so you'll be notified immediately if someone is writing about you online. You can also set alerts for 'home staging' or any other topic you are interested in monitoring. Set up your own FREE Google Alerts here.
45. HGTV
An acronym for "Home & Garden Television." HGTV is a television network focused on real estate topics such as decorating, remodeling, home staging, and buying/selling homes. Watch Debra Gould’s latest appearance on HGTV.
46. Hoarder
A person who fills their home with so many possessions that the home is no longer functional. Home stagers sometimes encounter hoarders when doing home staging consultations, which can be quite overwhelming. For tips on how to handle hoarding situations, see Following Up on the Filthy House Staging Dilemma.
See also: Pack Rat
47. Home Stager
A home stager decorates homes to sell quickly and for top dollar. There are no official qualifications or credentials to become a home stager, anyone can call themselves a home stager whether they've taken any training or not. Additional reading: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Home Stager.
Synonym: home staging professional, professional home stager, real estate stager, property stylist
See also: home staging
48. Home Staging
Home Staging is the art of decorating a home to sell quickly and for top dollar. A professional home stager knows what changes yield the greatest return on investment for the home seller. Home stagers work with both vacant and occupied homes. Services may include any or all of these options: - recommending wall colors - identifying necessary home repairs - packing and de-cluttering - arrangement of existing furniture, art or accessories - bringing in new furniture, art or accessories - supervising repairs, painting, moving of items For additional information on the services of a home stager or how to become a home staging professional, visit the Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program.
Synonym: house staging, real estate staging, house fluffing, real estate styling, property styling
See also: home stager
49. Home Staging Consultation
When structured and priced correctly, home staging consultations are a major source of revenue for home stagers. During a consultation the home stager will make recommendations for how the home needs to be decorated to sell more quickly on the real estate market. New or inexperienced home stagers make the mistake of not charging for these initial client meetings. To learn how to make money from your very first home staging consultation check out "Taking the Mystery Out of Home Staging Consultations".
50. Home Staging Credentials
Many training companies claim to offer home staging credentials, or they say that you will be "certified" or "accredited" after taking their courses. It is important to know that home staging is a completely unregulated field. Therefore, there is no such thing as an official credential to become a home stager. There are also no completely independent associations in the home staging field. All are tied in some way to a particular training company (because they are owned by them, or their owners hold executive positions within the organization) or group of training companies (because they pay to be endorsed by the association). Furthermore, most companies offering so called "credentials" will charge you an ongoing fee to say that you have their certificate. This is further proof that it's not a real credential, you are essentially paying to license their terminology. Clever for their marketing, but not necessarily in your best interest as an aspiring home stager. Additional Reading: 15 Questions You Should Ask Before Paying for Home Staging Courses
Synonym: Accredited Staging, Certified Stager
51. Host or Hosting
Synonym: Web Host
52. House Fluffer
An alternate term for "home stager." Some feel it's a derogatory term since stagers do much more than fluff pillows. Unfortunately, the term "fluffer" is used to mean an entirely different thing in the porn industry (don't ask), so if you choose to call yourself a fluffer, make sure you say "house fluffer" especially in mixed company!
53. House Fluffing
54. House Primping
55. Hyperlink
See also: Link
56. Interior Redesign Consultation
Interior Redesign Consultations are a big money maker for home stagers, and are a great way to even out cash flow during the months that are typically quiet for stagers. Many of the same skills are used except that in Interior Redesign you are decorating for the needs and desires of the people who live in the home, whereas for staging you are focused on appealing to potential home buyers. For more information on how to incorporate interior redesign into a staging business and how to charge for this service, read "The Business of Home Staging: What You Need to Start and How to Grow".
See also: Home Staging Consultation, Color Consultation, Home Stager
57. Internet Presence
58. iPod
A pocket-sized electronic device used for playing digital music files and other audio recordings. “iPod” is the brand name for Apple’s version of an MP3 player. The Staging Diva Training Program includes 10 audio files that can be loaded onto an iPod or other MP3 player for convenient listening on the go.
Synonym: MP3 player
59. Laminate Flooring
Flooring that simulates hardwood, tile, stone or other materials. In home staging, laminate flooring can be used to inexpensively replace old carpeting and other outdated floor coverings. To see before and after photos of an attic that was transformed using laminate flooring, see Home Staging Tips for the Attic from Staging Diva.
60. Link
A link is created when one web page links to another. These can be links from different pages within the same website, or they can be from one website to another. Links help search engines know what your site is about. Typically a link on a web page is underlined or in a different color to indicate that if you click on it, it will take you to the destination it is linked to. If you want your website (URL) to rank well with search engines, links from outside sites are critical. Think of a link as a "vote" for your site, which signals the search engines that someone else thinks your site is important or a trusted source. Members of the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers benefit from a link to their own websites, which helps the search engine ranking of their smaller independent websites.
Synonym: hyperlink
selected terms: 121 page 3 of 7
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