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Staging Diva Students and Graduates Rave about
their home staging business training

"The Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program isn't just about Staging - it's about being in BUSINESS and making MONEY and keeping yourself SANE at the same time!"

Victoria Willits (MD) *

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"I had been hemming and hawing for 2 years about taking the plunge and leaving my job of over 10 years. I finally did it and made the commitment that I was going to do something I loved rather than a job I felt I was supposed to do. Boy that was a hard decision!
Within a few months I staged my first house and earned more in 10 days than I would have working a whole month in my previous career! ontario home staging
Plus, my client got an offer the day after his home went on the market, man what a thrill! Staging Diva provides priceless information that would have taken me years to understand on my own!"

Melissa Goulet (ON) *
In The Details Home Staging & Redesign

"My first home staging project more than paid for the entire Staging Diva Training Program! home stager MD
And I wouldn't have had the guts to charge enough without your confidence-giving program. Thanks also for being such a great motivator."

Patricia Ebrahimi (MD) *
Show Smart

5 YEARS later, Patricia writes:
"The only money I SPENT to start my successful staging business of 5 years so far was on The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Courses, all of them. I used the marketing methods Debra teaches to get my first staging projects. From these I took great pictures and was off and running from referrals. So, my expereince has been to put a lot of effort into my business, rather than money."

FL Home Stager "I'm so happy to be starting a new business at the age of 76.

I got two staging projects within weeks of completing the Staging Diva Training. Thank you Debra for everything you have done to make my dreams come true!"

Jean Smith (FL) *
Staging For Sellers
"I was so inspired by the Staging Diva Training Program. Now instead of watching HGTV thinking 'I could do that' I'm moving forward with my own staging business.
I'm 500% more prepared to grow my business than before taking the program. Hawaii home stager
On a scale of 1 to 5, I give these courses a 10 for far exceeding my expectations!"
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown In the House (HI) *
"After I spent the same amount of money on a different course that was misleading in its advertising, the Staging Diva Training Program was everything I expected and more." Quebec Home Stager
Isabel Singh (QC) *
"The Staging Diva Program is a must for anyone looking to start their own staging business!
home stager FL Being able to learn from what Debra has been through and how to keep from making beginner’s mistakes is worth its weight in gold.
She takes out all the guesswork by giving students the necessary steps to really get out there and start their own businesses."

Brenda Malo (FL) *
Cali Home Staging & Redesign LLC

"I ordered the mailed-to-your-door version of the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program.
Ohio Home Stager I've been listening to the course CDs while driving and I find when I reach my destination I don't want to get out of the car!
So much to learn, but I feel getting to listen while on the road is a good way to prime me for my home studies. Many thanks for the program, I look forward to going through each step!"

Mary Zalewski (OH) *

"The Staging Diva Courses have helped me turn my passion and talent for decorating into a real business. I would not have been able to make this leap of faith without this program.
I am working full time in banking, running my own staging business and raising a family. WI Home Stager
This program has taught me how to do it all together and maintain my sanity. Our very own Staging Diva, Debra Gould made it happen."

Anuradha Rathore (WI) *
Nine Dimensions LLC

"Debra, your Staging Diva Program is fabulous! I loved hearing your voice in the course recordings which made me feel like I was part of the live group. You go step by step through the specific how-to's of building a staging business, not a staging hobby.
Minnesota home stager I recommend your program to any home stager who is ready to take his or her business seriously."

Sue Rasmussen (MN) *

"Everything I heard about Staging Diva was true. I really checked out the program by researching on the internet and contacting people who had taken Debra's home staging courses. This is a very motivational and practical training program for starting a staging business.
Debra is very entertaining and inspiring to listen to. I've hit the ground running thanks to her training!" Texas home stager
Debra Rosser (TX) *
Staging Matters
"I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't know how to go about it. Staging Diva gave me the processes to follow.
Debra's training has given me the confidence to do what I've always wanted, and now I'm doing it!" Queensland home stager
Meg Ritchie (AU) *
Gold Coast Homestaging
"I am in a corporate management job that is sucking the soul out of me. When I asked myself for the millionth time how I could stop being miserable and start living, someone said how good I was at arranging and decorating.
Wisonsin Home Stager I had no idea that a training program taken from home would give me anything close to this much information, inspiration, and motivation!
The Staging Diva courses have made it possible for me to confidently visualize myself staging homes for a living. Plus, the follow-up and support materials are great, so I can find answers to any questions that come up. This will change my life!"

Susan O'Connor (WI) *

"When I did your course, I had initially thought I needed to travel to take a hands-on course with another company.

However, that changed when you said 'you don’t need to push furniture around a room with a group of people. You are going into home staging because you already know how to do that, and the Staging Diva Program focuses on how to start and build your business,' so thank you for that.

My business has been building and I've just been featured staging a house on a TV show." Brisbane home stager
Anne Gunson (Brisbane, AU) *
Home Staging By Anne

Read more about Anne's TV appearance.

"I love that I'm now pursuing a career that pays me to be creative, rather than spending my time working for someone else. Plus, I have the freedom to be available to my family when they need me.
The Staging Diva Program filled in all the questions that I still had after completing another 'hands on' program. BC Home Stager
Thank you Debra, I now have the confidence to build my staging business."

Tracie Lacroix (BC) *
Sold by Design

"Debra Gould's training program was the wisest investment I've ever made in order to truly prepare me for the multitude of decisions that I faced in starting my own home staging business.

I knew that I had the ability to decorate. I was much more concerned with the practical applications and considerations necessary to run my business successfully.

Every decision or potential obstacle that I have encountered in getting my business off the ground was dealt with in Debra Gould's training program. I have yet to be surprised by any aspect of this life-altering decision because her program did a fabulous job of educating me regarding the specifics of starting my home staging business.

This is practical, no-nonsense information on what you need to start your own business. California Home Stager
You will leave the Staging Diva Program with a written road map to guide you to success.

You just need to provide your own initiative and faith that you can do it!"

Jody Thulin (CA) *
Sharp Dressed Homes
"I've made more money working part time in my first ten months as a home stager then I used to make all year in my full time job as a manager.
Edmonton Home Stager Plus I can home school my boys in the mornings and work my staging business in the afternoons.
This has been an adventure that exceeded my wildest decorating dreams. I staged 12 vacant properties in less then a year including show-homes, houses and condos, and completely furnished and decorated a home worth $2.5 million!

The Staging Diva Program was great - it gave me the know-how and confidence I needed to start my business and keep at it.

I work my own hours, set my schedule and my sons get a first-hand look at running a business. I hope the courage I found to follow my dream will inspire them to follow theirs, and to know that anything is possible!"

Laura Kakoschke (AB) *
Hunter Lake Home Staging and Design
"Had I not subscribed to your training, I would have taken a completely different approach to the staging business. You have laid out a strategy to make this career so much more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise! Showing me how to avoid falling into the paperwork trap alone is really priceless!

I paid big dollars previously for another company's training, which did not begin to compare to the Staging Diva Program.

St. Louis Home Stager There were so many blank spots left in the other program that I couldn't get my staging business started.
You've answered so many lingering questions and now I'm really prepared to get out there and start to work.

Besides all the home staging knowledge you passed along, I really looked forward to each course because you are such an entertaining speaker!

The Staging Diva Program is the best investment I ever made in starting my staging business."

Linda Borghi (MO) *
Dazzle Interiors & Home Staging

"I feel that the Staging Diva Training Program is a great ‘from the ground up’ program for those wishing to start and grow their staging businesses. No detail was left out.
As an established home stager and RN, I was looking for the marketing piece of the puzzle. I found that Debra’s practical examples were just what I had been missing. Home Stager, MD
Debra, thanks so much for your guidance!"
Holly Battaglia (MD) *
Holly's Home Matters, LLC

This mother of 4 and registered nurse continues to help people in her home staging business. For example, one client's home had been on the market for 10 months. After Holly staged it, the property sold after it's first showing for above the asking price. Read more here.

Winner, 2011 Home Stager of the Year Award (Canada)

"Both my partner and I appreciate your honesty and admire your style! I like that you approach home staging as a business and not as a cute women's hobby.

This is much more realistic, logical and helps prepare people for the realities of running their own business while making it very specifically about staging. ON home staging
We had been in business almost a year before taking your program and we weren't disappointed. Our business has gone from "nothing" to being called consistently by clients and realtors in our area.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to doing more with you in the future!"

Heather Cook (ON) *
Rooms In Bloom

Staging Diva provides a significant discount on training for partners from the same company.

"The Staging Diva Training Program is amazing!

I downloaded the five course recordings and was surprised to see that they really do cover every aspect of running a home staging business.

I know this new year will be great thanks to this fantastic course and the confidence it's given me to move ahead with this new stage of my life!" Home stager Kitchener
Nicola Thomas (ON) *
Stage It Simple
Too Many Raves To Fit This Page!
"I completely enjoyed the Staging Diva Training Program! It has given me everything I need to organize and start my new business as an expert home stager.
Colorado Home Stager Every day seems to come to an end too quickly. I am truly having the time of my life! This is too much fun to be called ‘work’!
I just joined the Staging Diva Directory, and Staging Diva Dialog—I don't want to miss any opportunity to be part of the information and ongoing Graduate support that's available!"

Jayne Steuart (CO) *
Pearl Home Staging and Redesign LLC

Check out this excellent home staging project by Jayne!

"Every day I fast-walk with my two labs and listen to your course recordings on my iPod, over and over again. My brain needs regular infusions of Staging Diva brilliance!

Nebraska Home Stager I love that a career in home staging allows me to set my schedule and use my time to work toward the things that bring me the most passion & satisfaction.

The new company brochure that you created for me looks outstanding! You are brilliant to have set up Staging Diva in such a supporting way. I really appreciate having you out there for me— for all of us."

Stacy Goade (AK) *
Alaska Premier Home Staging

Check out Stacy's business results!

"I finished the 5 course training this morning. Yeah!!! I learned soooo much. Some things you reaffirmed that I was doing the right things, and some things were totally out of the box for me and wonderful ideas. I do not have a background in marketing, and you really helped me there!
FABULOUS TRAINING! Totally worth every minute spent working through the courses and homework! Michigan home stager
I feel energized and even more confident now! Having taken the training (I should have done it a good year ago), I am so psyched to get out there full force!"

Jill Monczunski (MI) *
Staging To Sell LLC

"Thanks Debra for such an amazing training program that gave me exactly the right tools and knowledge to enter this business with confidence.
Ohio Home Stager My first staging project was worth $8,000.

I staged a vacant home that's been on the market for two years."

Elizabeth Englehart (OH) *
Moving Designs
"I have just completed all five Staging Diva courses, what an awesome experience! I am now ready to take South Africa by storm!
I have had very positive reactions already even though Home Staging is very new here. Thanks Debra for being such an awesome mentor. Roodepoort, South Africa Home Stager
Avrol Le Roux
(Roodepoort, South Africa) *
"Debra, I'm amazed every single day at your focus and dedication to the staging profession.
Thank you for being the energetic catalyst in helping second (3rd and 4th) career entrepreneurs like me find the courage to see the possibilities for joyful success." IL Home Stager
Ranee D. Strawn (IL) *
Distinctive Design
"I had a job many people would envy, as Marketing Director for a very popular and successful cable network. New Jersey Home Stager
But I found I had a stronger passion for decorating and home renovation.

I decided to research "home staging" and came across Debra Gould.

I was so intrigued that I could make staging a full time job, that I decided to follow my passion and take my entrepreneurial spirit and jump in with both feet.

After taking the first Staging Diva course, I was completely sold that this was the perfect career for me. Before I even completed the 5 courses I had two clients.

Debra's sound advice was so helpful and encouraging. It was a great decision to leave my job and follow my passion by starting my own home staging business. I couldn't be happier."

Jodi Whalen (NJ) *
Pear Tree Home Designs, LLC

3 YEARS later, Jodi writes:
"I was closing out my books for the year and I realized that since I started my business 3 years ago, I have tripled my revenue every year. It may have started out small, but it's growing quickly now. So hang in there newbies!!"

"WOW is studying really supposed to be that enjoyable?!

The whole course was extremely well structured and easy to follow.

Australia Home Stager

The notes were written very well and didn't make you feel like you were bogged down in paper. I love the fact that the main content is on the recordings. I really couldn't fault a thing.

I started the Staging Diva course knowing I had the skills to decorate, I just wasn't sure how to structure all my ideas and make them into a viable business. I had a lot of self doubt and was feeling very anxious about it all. Not any more!

I'm sure The Staging Diva didn't wave a magic wand but it certainly feels like it.

Now I feel like a self-believing business woman who has every chance of great success and the only person I can thank for this is Debra.

She doesn't just teach you all the business fundamentals you need to know, she makes you believe in YOU!

This course really is magic! I don't think the word 'inspired' is strong enough to describe how I feel!"

Hayley Harris (Brisbane, Australia) *
Essential Key Home Staging & Styling

"Debra, I have known for a long time that I wanted own my own business. Once I settled on home staging, I got stuck looking for a road map until I found Staging Diva. I knew almost instantly that I would use your training because of your statement that you did not need to tell us how to rearrange furniture, you needed to teach how to take our innate ability to rearrange furniture and turn it into a profitable business. It was smart, direct and exactly what I needed.
Little did I know that you would become my most trusted advisor and my biggest cheerleader! Home Stager PA
Thanks to you, I have been able to leave a decade long career that never fit and have replaced it with a passion, joy and zeal that I had craved for so long. I really can't say enough about the absolutely incredible and generous person that you are."
Lori Fischer (PA) *
Rethink Home Interiors

Read more about Lori's home staging business

"Listening to the Staging Diva Program filled in so many blanks for me that I had running my business after taking a different home staging course.
I've had so many 'light bulb' moments listening to you Debra and I'm already changing the whole way I do business. Home Stager Hawaii
Your insights, ideas and strategies make so much more sense and have been tremendously helpful!

I am now beginning to get noticed here in the community (Kona, Hawaii) and several jobs (some rather large!) have ensued.

I continue to listen to your 5 part training recordings. I find that I hear and absorb more things with each review.

Thanks for your inspiration, education, and experience in this industry."

Connie Lacaden (HI) *
Blue Pacific Design, LLC

The real-life issues when starting your own business are addressed by Staging Diva with valuable information to keep you moving forward and getting results.

Debra's genuine sincerity shines through. She is a true mentor for this business." Ontario Home Stager
Cheryl Ward (ON) *
Ivy Home Staging

2 YEARS later, Cheryl writes:
"A colleague just told me he saw me on the news and that it was a good long segment. Plus, there has been lots of radio coverage too. Life is good since graduating from Staging Diva!"

Read about Cheryl being named Business Woman of the Month!

Too Many Raves To Fit This Page!
Click here to read more reviews from our students.
"The Staging Diva Training Program recordings were great. They answered all of my questions, especially my worries about what to charge, how to present staging to new clients, working with tradespeople and more.
Red Deer  Home Stager After the third course I landed my first client and earned enough to pay for the whole training program and turn a profit too!
Thank you Debra for being so open and candid about the intimacies of operating your business so that we can have a better chance to succeed!"
Terri Tough (AB) *
A La Mode Interior Home Staging

"I received the Staging Diva Training Program Home Study Kit over two weeks ago. Shipping was exceptionally quick, thank you!

It's amazing how much information Debra provides and how I hear something new each time I re-listen to her courses. Texas home staging
I'm really ready to get out there and make things happen for my new home staging business.
Rose Sekinger (TX) *
Bella Home Designs
"I am totally excited about finally being able to do something with my talents that pays, and pays well!!
I am 50 and so tired of my unsatisfying 9 to 5 work life. Flint Michigan Home Stager
I'm ready to break away and Staging Diva is my ticket out!!

I am thoroughly enjoying the course recordings and finding them chock full of all the info I need to get started and keep going!!!!

Many thanks from a 'Sister Stager'"

Peggy Harrington (MI) *
Wow Factor Design

"I saw the first draft of my business cards today and I haven't felt this proud since I graduated from nursing school! Home Stager PA
This is completely different, though, because it's all my own!

Every day I hit the floor with my feet running and I'm disappointed when the day is over because I still have so much that I want to do!

Debra, I honestly don't know of anyone that has ever inspired and empowered me as much as you have. Thank you for EVERYTHING!"

Traci Sampsell (PA) *
The Finer Stage
"The Staging Diva course recordings gave me the luxury of being able to refer back to information as needed.
Home Stager Washington DC They have proven invaluable, giving me the confidence I needed in pricing, marketing know-how and coming across as a seasoned home stager.
Important things to know— if you want to get paid the right amount for your services, avoid costly marketing mistakes and create a good first impression.

I am so happy with my decision to align myself with Debra Gould and the Staging Diva program— great resources as I enter into this exciting phase of my life."

Sandra Hughes (DC) *
Redesigned Spaces

"I considered being a real estate agent but realized home staging would make better use of my talent and creativity. Plus staging is an easier career to have with young kids.

The Staging Diva Training Program taught me what I needed to get started in my staging business and Debra's Accelerator Coaching keeps me inspired and moving forward. ID Home Stager

Within three months of joining the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers, I was in Google's top 20 search results out of over 500,000 for home staging in my area!"

Tiffiny Coffey (ID) *,
Scarlet Barn Interiors

"I researched a number of home staging trainers. The others didn't give me useful or workable information. I also contacted several of their graduates and most of them said those courses were a waste of time.

I'm glad I picked The Staging Diva Training Program instead. You were very straight forward and easy to follow.

I just finished a staging project on a $750,000 home. Going into the business I assumed that high-end homes wouldn't need my services.

Your Staging Diva Courses encouraged me to expand my horizons. As a result I made $4,000 on my first project!" home stager Texas
LaJeanna Pilant (TX) *
Alamo Home Staging

Debra, like other Staging Diva Graduates, I feel very privileged to have you as my mentor. You didn't just give us your training program, make money and smile"good by." You developed great mechanisms to keep in touch with us and be there for us when we need your advice.

BC home staging With the Staging Diva Network, you created a fabulous support group of like-thinkers, so we could learn from each other and share our experiences.
You have passion for your business and a "go girl!" push which we all need. For that I thank you with a bow, and wish you many blessings in your business."

Svetlana Kudriavtseva (BC) *
Staging Touch

"I've listened to the five course recordings, and wanted to tell you how thrilled I am that I chose your training versus any others!

You gave me the knowledge and courage to start things rolling!

Thanks to you, I landed my first project within weeks of completing the Staging Diva Program. Debra, you have been a true inspiration!"
arizona home stager
Kelley D'Lima (AZ) *
Redefining Spaces

Note: Kelly celebrated Independence Day by quitting her job because she realized she could make more in 5 hours of staging than she used to make in a whole week working full time.

"There is a special place in Heaven, for women who help other women. Thank you, for proving to be an excellent trainer, not just a nice voice to listen to for hours.
The course work was very thorough as well as all the tips you've given me since. You're the best!" Alberta Home Stager
Sheri Lee Moshansky (AB) *
River City Home Staging

"The Staging Diva Program was wonderful and even more than I expected.

It was great that you shared the mistakes you made when you first started. That will save me a lot of heartache and frustration.

Home stager, WI "Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams!"

Leah wrote 10 months later...

"Taking part in the Staging Diva Training Program and the Staging Diva Directory was the best money I ever spent! If you're serious about building your own home staging business, these programs are your absolute best investment. I can't imagine breaking into staging without them! I've had some great projects from my Directory listing, plus speaking engagements. And, since Debra's training prepared me so well for this business, I'm able to be truly effective when marketing my services.

In a nut shell, Staging Diva is the best program for your money! It's worth every penny, and with hard work, you'll earn that money back before you know it!"

Leah Fritz (WI) *
Perfect Place Home Staging, LLC

"Discovering The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program showed me how I could give up my soul-sucking, well paying job, and leap into a career that would feed my soul and provide financial benefits far beyond what I make now!

Debra is so inspiring and her enthusiasm is contagious. She's incredibly knowledgeable on both home staging and running a business. I learned everything I needed to know to get my business up and running.

None of my clients ever guessed I was just starting out. I looked like a seasoned professional from the start thanks to the Staging Diva training.

home stager Mississauga Within weeks of completing the program and joining The Staging Diva Directory, I got two projects worth $3,500!"

Linda wrote a year later...

"I still haven't had time to build my own website so I'm so glad I've had the Directory generating staging projects for me all this time.

I'm always in the top 5 Google results for home stagers in my area and my Staging Diva Directory listing comes up 3rd out of 325,000,000 search results for my company name, so potential clients can always find me! I got two new projects less than a week after I renewed my listing for year two."

Linda Schleihauf (ON) *
The Detailed Home

"Debra Gould and her course have changed my life! I looked at all the home staging training available.

I chose Staging Diva because it was more consumer friendly— being up front about the industry not being regulated and what that really means. home stager BC
I was a consumer advocate against fraud before becoming a professional home stager. Everything I do has to be completely transparent and I really don't like misleading word plays and hype.

Debra offers a very comprehensive course that shows her dedication and passion for what she has created from scratch. I share her style for doing business: being up front, understanding all aspects of the staging industry, keeping your integrity and the power of following your dreams! Debra offers this course and mentoring all from home, which makes my life as a mom so much easier!"

Cheryl Reynen (BC) *
Set The Stage Interiors
"If it weren't for the Staging Diva Training Program, I never would have had the courage to challenge myself and step out my safety zone. The course was so inspiring and gave me the confidence to "just do it"! I have NO background in business or marketing and I found Debra's program incredibly informative.

I love having the course recordings to refer back to for knowledge and inspiration. Everything is presented so clearly, it all makes so much sense!

Thanks to Debra's training, the Directory and the Network, I went from "maybe I can do this" to "I can do this" to "I am doing this"! Home Stager British Columbia
Lynn Trostheim (BC) *
Sassy Grass Interiors
"I have never been so driven, passionate and totally motivated as I have been since completing the Staging Diva Program over a month ago. I have not lost any steam nor any excitement. The fact that the program is start-up business and marketing related to home staging makes it so perfect. With all of Debra's examples of her personal wrong directions and successes, I feel I'm so much farther ahead than if I'd taken one of those 'other' courses.
Run, don't walk to your computer to enroll now! You will regret that you did not enroll sooner. Ontario Home Stager
I'm still amazed at how much information was in this course, and I have the recordings to listen to again and again!

By joining the Staging Diva Network, Debra continues to give you support and guidance as well as being your personal cheer leader!"

Dane Caldwell (ON) *
2 Hounds Design

"You taught me running a Home Staging business doesn't have to be complicated. 

Starting out I was overwhelmed with the little things and trying to offer everything my competitors do and at a lower price. 

After hearing about the history of your business, you gave me the confidence to aim higher with my goals, realize my time IS worth money, and that I CAN be successful running my Home Staging business while raising a young family.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, marketing expertise and entrepreneurial advice!

It was worth every penny!

Home Stager, MA
My first project was worth $5,000 and thanks to you I knew how to handle it!"
Erin Rhindress (MA) *
ELR Designs
"I just completed the 5 Staging Diva course recordings.

I must say, you answered all the mind boggling questions I had and eased my fear in taking that first step.

Despite having over 20 years experience in display/merchandising and decorating homes for friends, I lacked the business information of Home Staging.

You've motivated and inspired me with all the details and honest opinions in your Staging Diva Training Program, and I'm a lot more confident. California home staging
I've completed my website, registered my business, got cards made and have put together my portfolio as you explained.

Ordering your Training Program gave me the vital information I needed to take these steps. The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program is worth every penny! Thanks again!"

Ofelia Doherty (CA) *
Design It! Decorate It!
"Enrolling in the Staging Diva Program is one of the best investments I have ever made. home stager, MN
I liked everything about the program and looked forward to each class.

Before I heard of the Staging Diva I almost enrolled in 3-day, hands on class that cost $1700.

I might have learned how to stage a home (which I already know how to do), although I've also realized that I would have been taking turns rearranging furniture with 40 other people. And, I wouldn't have got the other end of the business. You can know how to stage a home all you want, but knowing how to get paid for your services is most important.

By the end of the 5th Staging Diva class I had everything completed and in place to start my business.

Thank you Debra for inspiring, motivating, and giving me confidence in the marketing and business-end of Home Staging."

Michelle Aleff (MN) *
Design 2 Sell
"Thank you for providing so much information throughout your 5 course recordings.

Your teaching style is uncomplicated, and the content is laced with wisdom and relevance. You helped me shape my business and understand the true value of my time.

Thank you for your expertise and willingness to share it to enable us to follow our dreams!"

Leigh wrote again a year later:

"Thank you so much for all of your insight and professionalism.

home stager, WA What I learned from you truly transcends the Staging Industry and can be carried into any venture including everyday life.

You are an inspiration and a great role model. Thank you for devoting yourself to helping people see their potential and to act upon it."

Leigh Olson (WA) *
Velvet Plum Home Staging & Redesign

"Debra, I've been on such a high ever since I spoke to you today and then I printed and devoured all your Staging Diva Class notes in one session.
Boston Home Stager They will save me a ton of trial and error and addressed issues I was wrestling with, such as furniture inventory, the staging consultation and alliance ideas.

Thank you for doing the home staging business justice.

There's a lot out there that's really nowhere near the calibre of where the home staging and interior redesign industry can go.

Thank you Debra Gould for being a leader in the home staging field!"

Lisa Kauffman (MA) *
Boston Home Staging

"I didn't know where to begin with my Home Staging business, but after taking the Staging Diva classes I have a clear plan! I'm starting miles ahead of where I thought I would.

This home staging business training program is a definite 10 on a scale of 1 to 5!

Your Staging Diva Classes gave me an abundance of inspiration and I'm filled with excitement to get my company going!" home stager Whitby

Lucie wrote 9 months later:
"You are obviously dedicated to your students. I graduated over 9 months ago and here you are still offering advice and support. That's the sign of a true teacher! I somehow don't think that other staging programs have this level of commitment and the personal touch that you so generously offer."

Lucie Quigley (NS) *
HOLT modern

"Taking the Staging Diva Home Staging Program is one of the best things I have done.

I encourage anyone interested in becoming a home stager to take Debra's Staging Diva Training, it is very informative and well thought out.

Debra is so generous with her knowledge and has many processes in place to help a new stager get their business up and running. Ontario Home Stager

It's so easy getting ongoing support from the Staging Diva Network.

I know Debra is on my side every step of the way, from the information in the training courses to the ongoing programs to support Graduates....

How can you go wrong? Every process is in place so that you have many opportunities to become a successful home stager. Thanks Debra, I am very grateful for all your support!

Kathy Somers (ON) *
Stage It First

"After 18 years in the interior design field I decided to take my expertise into Home Staging. I researched many programs, before joining Debra Gould’s Staging Diva Training. Her invaluable recordings and notes cover every detail of the business of Home Staging. The Staging Diva Training Program is one of the best investments I have made.

Within days of completing the recordings of The Staging Diva Training Program, Debra Gould sent me a very good client in my area. MA Home Stager
Thank you Debra you are truly an inspiration."

Jeanette Cataldo (MA) *
Stage Right Inc.

home stager ontario "The Staging Diva Training Program is great and what's equally impressive is how often Debra manages to get to the top of a Google search!

This makes joining the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers such an excellent opportunity. It is the 'Expedia' of Home Staging, with constant updates and improvements!

Debra is a trend setter in the Home Staging field.

I'm so impressed with the personal support she continues to give her students and graduates!"

Renée Bates (ON) *
Renée Bates Designs

"After the Staging Diva Courses I made almost $18,000 on my first project and staged another 17 homes in my first year, with an average fee of $10,000 on each! Home Stager CA
Thank you Debra Gould for all your help and encouragement and giving me a way to quit my previous job and become a full time home stager!"
Ken Sater (CA) *
Creative Home Visions

I want to express my gratitude for such an exceptional experience. I considered several different home staging courses and I am grateful that I chose your Staging Diva Training Program.

MD home staging Your generosity with your knowledge and motivational spirit are unique. No question was too trivial and in each answer you revealed something valuable to all.
Your concept of "creating a company that you want to work at" is one that I think of each day on my journey.

Allegra Dioguardi (NY) *
Styled and Sold Home Staging

"Don't wait or hesitate to take the Staging Diva Program! It was so worth every penny!
IL Home Stager Not only did I learn more about the business aspect than I expected, I was inspired and motivated in the process!
Debra's courses have helped ease my fears about starting my own business. With a prayer in my heart, and Debra in my head, I now know I absolutely can do this! Thanks Debra for the training and for your energy and passion for the staging business and your students!"
Kathy Fredrickson (IL) *
A Grand Entrance Home Staging and ReDesign
"The Staging Diva Courses have been incredibly encouraging and insightful.

I couldn't imagine paying over $1000 more just to sit in a classroom rather than using the recording format you created.

The Staging Diva Program is so much more convenient and I can use the money I saved towards building my new company.

Home stager FL

Thanks for all your Home Staging business expertise. Your program totally exceeded my expectations."

Grace Herman (FL) *
Staged Beauty

"The 5 Staging Diva course recordings were really interesting and informative.
home stager, ON I especially loved the Staging Diva Checklist and listening to you describe your first project. It made me feel less nervous about starting out.
I'm one of those people who likes to have everything perfect before I get started and you helped me realize I can just put myself out there and see what happens."

Mandy wrote again later...
"I've just finished staging my sixth house and I'm loving every minute of it. Thank you Debra, I couldn't have done it without you!"

Mandy Cosentino (ON) *
Cosentino Interiors

home stager new york "The Staging Diva program is excellent for learning about how to start and run a successful staging business.
I appreciated Debra's honesty, directness and her genuine encouragement to her students. What drew me to the Staging Diva program was the focus on marketing and overall business aspects. I know there are a lot of other programs out there that teach you "how" to stage a home, but if you don't know how to "run" the business you won't get anywhere. The Staging Diva program takes you one step further and gives you the information and tools to grow a real business if you have the talent and ambition to follow your dream."
Martha Zeigler (WI) *
Mazi Staging and Design
"I went to see my first client today! I was so nervous driving there I thought I was going to throw up!

Once there looking at the space it all just magically left me and I forgot about my nervousness.

The client loved all my ideas and actually booked a second appointment right on the spot.

I can’t believe I’m actually getting paid for something that I love to do and that comes so naturally to me!
Home Stager ON
Thanks for all your home staging business training and inspiration."

Peggy Depalma (ON) *
Sanctuary Solutions

"Now that I've finished the Staging Diva Program I feel so much more equipped to run my staging business and make decisions about how to proceed. You covered everything you said you would, and what I learned will save me making lots of mistakes.
What I really love about you is your razor sharp business savvy combined with high ethical standards.

Thanks again Debra!"

home stager Iowa
Billie-Jo Thomson (IA) *
Restyled Homes
"I found the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program very helpful and thorough.
Debra covers a lot of valuable information that I didn't get when I took TWO other hands-on programs." California home staging
Teri Persico (CA) *
Simply Brilliant Design

"I sincerely appreciate the value of focusing on how to 'develop a business', rather than how to 'do a job'.

Debra Gould has created a program that guides, encourages, and supports people interested in the home staging business.

I recommend The Staging Diva Program above any other courses available for home stagers who want to grow their potential!"
Home Stager, FL
Charlene Yackanich (FL) *
Put Your Best House Forward, Inc.
"Debra, I'm so glad I added the Accelerator Upgrade when I signed up for the Staging Diva Training Program recordings. I want to thank you for your coaching time with me this morning.
Wisconsin home stager Talking with you reminded me of why I am following this path.

I enjoyed the call and your advice was so helpful.

I'm also so pleased with the company brochure you created for me. The whole experience of dealing with you has been fantastic. Thanks again for continuing to inspire me to build my staging business."
Laura Jensen (WI) *
Lakeshore Staging and Redesign
"I listened to all the Staging Diva recordings this weekend. After 10 hours with you, I missed you this morning! The courses have so much relevant information on all aspects of the business!
I searched a long time for a way to combine the creativity and practicality that I'm fortunate to have, but I was never satisfied ... always missing one side or the other. home stager QC
Home staging is the answer that I've been looking for. You've been such an inspiration to me. Thank you Debra you are a goddess!!!

Pascale Petit (QC) *

"What a mentor you have been to me Debra! The Staging Diva Course was the exact push I needed to get my home staging business going.

The classes were inspiring, well organized, and a wealth of information. Your entrepreneurial insight was exactly what I had to learn.

You gave me the confidence to be proud and excited about my abilities, and to create a worthwhile service and business. I look forward to the continued education that Staging Diva will provide in the future. 

I'm so glad I chose The Staging Diva Program instead of the other training programs offered in the US."
Home Stager, Ohio
Kerry Griffith (OH) *
Home Spa Staging
"The Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program is one of the best programs I've ever taken in my life.
It's not just about Staging - it's about being in BUSINESS and making MONEY and keeping yourself SANE at the same time! home stager, Bethesda
I'm totally inspired and the Staging Diva program far exceeded my expectations.

Before taking your training I didn't know what to do next and how to do it. Now, I'm much more prepared to grow my staging business because you laid that out so very well. Thanks again Debra!"

Victoria Willits (MD) *
Fresh Look Design

Editors Note:
Within a year Victoria and business partner Suzanne Paro decorated a room for the HGTV show "Sleep On It."

Too Many Rave Reviews To Fit This Page!
Click here to read more reviews from our students.
"It's been a pleasure taking the Staging Diva Courses. Although I ordered the course recordings because of my schedule, I felt as if I were right there with you in the classroom. Thanks for being such an incredible support throughout my journey into this new career! Even though we haven't met in person, I feel as if I've known you for years.
That $600,000 property I staged sold to the first couple that looked at it after I was done. It had been listed for 65 days with no offers. home stager, TN
The agent is absolutely sold on staging now and will be recommending me to the other 60 agents in her office. Debra, thank you for all your help and encouragement as I build my staging business."

Gary Baugher (TN) *
An Eye 4 Change

Gary wrote again later...

"The latest house I staged sold in less than a week. Previously it had sat on the market for 75 days with an agent who didn't believe in staging. She does now!"

See Gary's home staging project

"The Staging Diva Training Program took me out of uncertainty and into developing my business. In the course recordings, Debra provides simple instructions based on her own personal experiences. It's like having a mentor to guide you through unknown territory!

I used many of Debra's recommendations with great success. And while the Staging Diva Training Program has been an invaluable resource, we all know that the need for support doesn't end when your business begins. Debra has created several well-developed avenues for support of staging businesses that continue to promote our success.

Home Stager Alberta
An amazing entrepreneur, Debra Gould is a fabulous role model for women in business.
Dianna Leeder (AB) *
2 Visions Design
home stager Montreal "The latest homeowner you referred to me turned into a $7,000 project.
Plus, I got a great testimonial when his house sold in 3 weeks for $80,000 more than expected. Another benefit of your referral is that I got to know his real estate agent who wants to use me as her stager for other clients.

I'm also really enjoying the free Staging Diva Dispatch and your articles in The Business of Home Staging.

I look forward to every bit of information from you, as I always find something useful for me at the stage I am at. Keep doing what you're doing! Thank you!"

Sveta Melchuk (QC) *
Editors Note:

Within a year of taking the Staging Diva Program, Sveta was invited to participate in a new TV show by Debbie Travis.

"It was great doing the Staging Diva Program from home!

Debra provided so many ideas and practical strategies for growing our Home Staging business!

Home Stager Nevada
I traveled first for another company's 'hands-on' course. It was a joke! More expensive and a complete waste of time and money!
The Staging Diva Program is so much more useful and organized and I'm proud to say I'm a Graduate of it! My staging business is steadily increasing, and I'm getting ready to train someone as an assistant."
Debra Garber (NV) *
Motif Home Staging
"I'd been checking out Staging Diva and other home staging programs for over a year. Honestly Debra's course exceeded my expectations.
I simply love the fact that the course curriculum is a 'blueprint' with all the ins and outs of developing a Home Staging business— what a gift! california home stager

I've invested in a number of programs in the past, some were a total waste of money; but the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program proved to be 'over-the-top' on a scale of 1 to 10."

Ameenah Lutfee (CA) *
Pearl River Home Staging Company

Ameenah wrote 6 months later: "Staging Diva Training provided me with the priceless 'glue' I needed to formalize my work. Thank you Debra for 'giving me my wings'!"

"Debra, it is a huge privilege to interact with you. No one has to feel intimidated or shy about their questions because you put everyone at ease.

Aside from all your brilliant facts and tips, I learned I have the skills and confidence to run my own staging business, support myself and have a great time.

The Staging Diva Program was worth every penny. Having a "mentor" like you who is currently running her own successful staging business and can guide me through is a blessing."

I feel fully armed and ready to go, and how many people starting a business can say that??!!
home staging Alberta
Jenny Olsen (AB) *
Urban Lane Designs

Note: Less than a year from completing the Staging Diva program, in addition to staging houses, Jenny:

  • got a (paid) newspaper column on staging
  • was hired to teach a college's 'Curb Appeal' Workshop
  • was hired to speak at a Home Builders Conference.

Jenny wrote later to say...

"How would I ever have had the guts or the smarts to do this without you?!"

"While looking at different home staging training courses, I chose Debra's specifically because she did promote the business angle of staging.

I had already studied decorating and did not need to learn how to properly hang pictures, placement of furniture etc. During Debra's course, she outlines what is involved and how to stage houses. What sells a house and what does not.

home staging Ontario Having my business up and running almost a year, I feel that taking The Staging Diva Program equipped me more than efficiently to feel confident."
Colleen Ernewein (ON) *
Home Impressions Staging and Decorating

Two years later, Colleen writes:

"I took your course 2 years ago, it's hard to believe! I am now teaching a "do-it-yourself" course at a local college for those who want to ready their homes for re-sale, I have speaking engagements with the Chamber of Commerce, Public Libraries, Networking Groups and so much more.

I have also been on the radio and been published in our local paper and a few magazines. This year I was a "feature speaker" at our Home and Garden Show!

It is all really exciting, not only my work, but the fact that I am raising a newborn business, and it is starting to crawl, even walk! Thanks for all your advice!"

"Thanks for your teaching such an informative and comprehensive home staging program.

You must know how much we all loved your enthusiastic delivery and knowledgeable experience. You are an inspiration to all new business owners.

You take away the fear and insert a 'can do' policy that gives us that extra boost of confidence.

I'm amazed at how promptly you continue to communicate with us.

You really care about our well-being.

I am so impressed with you and your integrity.

Home Stager, WA
I am very happy that I took the Staging Diva course and will continue to buy your great products!"
Debra Rowley (WA) *
Debra Rowley Interior Staging

Editors Note:

Debra wrote later to say she made over $5,000 on her first staging project!

About 6 months after that she wrote to say she had staged a living room for a local TV show.

"After years of buying and selling my own properties, I decided to leave the corporate sector and merge my passion for decorating with my love of business. I was a little intimidated by the undertaking, but after participating in The Staging Diva Program, I stepped out with complete confidence.
I was apprehensive taking courses by recordings versus in a classroom, but I didn't want to pay twice as much to have someone show me how to move furniture around. Texas home stager
Debra's course format was organized, and the information pertinent. I felt like I got twice the education for half the price. I know I will refer back to the Staging Diva course recordings time and time again."

Pamela J. Parker (TX) *
StageRight Home Staging and Redesign

"I had only listened to the first three Staging Diva courses while commuting to my day job as a college professor, when I had my first home staging client meeting.
I felt so well prepared and had them eating out of the palm of my hand using your tips. The job went incredibly well and I could not tear the smile off my face after I left. home stager, ON
I had to strongly resist the urge to skip back to my car in case the clients might be watching from their doorway.

Nothing I have ever done has given me such an elated feeling. Debra, thanks for your fabulous Staging Diva courses and for your mentoring! You have inspired me to broaden my business horizons. You're amazing!"

Katherine James (ON) *
Set Sale and Go Home Staging

"I did a lot of research and Debra Gould has the most comprehensive home staging training program.

My experience with The Staging Diva Program has been awesome! I can truly say that training with Debra was one of the best choices I have ever made.

Not only did Debra provide me with the tools, guidance and support needed to be successful, she helped me live my dream and passion!
Home Stager, TX
I highly recommend The Staging Diva Program. I will forever be appreciative of Debra's help in making Stage It Simple successful!"

Liz Kennedy (TX) *
Stage It Simple!

home stager Wisconsin "Thank you for the home staging project referral on that $1.6 million dollar home.

The staging went well and I felt confident and comfortable working with the clients thanks to what I learned in the Staging Diva Program."

Anne Counard (WI) *
Ideal Home Staging

"I have wanted my own home decor business for a long time, but never knew how to start. I had so many questions and no answers, so I thought I should give up the dream and settle for a regular 'job'. 

Now, I not only have a clear path of where I'm headed, but I've made some long term goals for expanding my staging business. home stager IN
Thanks Debra, you truly are a life saver!"
Beth Koehnemann (IN) *
The Nurtured Home, LLC
"It's been a long time since our business coaching call.
I want to thank you again for your advice, I'm sure I wouldn't still be in business without it!"

Twin Cities Stager

Deanna Ryan (MN) *
d'Encore Staging & Redesign
"I have always wanted to start my own business, had taken many courses, and was told by friends and family I should be in business for myself.

Taking the Staging Diva course gave me the boost I needed to get going.

Now I am up and running and working with my first clients and having so much fun.

Thanks, Debra!"

Ontario Stager

Donna McEvoy (ON) *
Alter Interiors

"Within weeks of completing the Staging Diva course I had my first house staging project for a $1.5 million home! Had I not done the Staging Diva training I would have charged the client way less.

Now I understand what my services are worth thanks to Debra Gould's insight and real-world teaching. home stager California
She boosted my confidence and gave me a solid foundation to grow my real estate staging business."

Marcia Lenci (CA) *
Ambient Designs

"Thank you for all the wonderful info in the Staging Diva course recordings.
home stager, NJ
I made the right decision choosing your program over the 'other one' and gained a great amount of usable advice from your training.
My attorney just registered my business and I'm all set to go!"

Kerri Brencsons (NJ) *
Lift Interiors, LLC

"I made the mistake of taking one of those hands-on weekend staging programs. By the first morning, another participant and I nudged each other and said 'we could have taught this better!'

Having already paid and having no way out we stayed for the painstaking 2 days to receive our International Staging Diploma.

We had so many unanswered questions. We did not even touch on the business part. How to get work? Who to approach, advertising, staging, props (yes or no). The few sample questions had me shaking my head with regret that I did not find the Staging Diva program first.

Now I'm going to correct my mistake by taking your home staging training program so I can get my business launched for the busy fall real estate season."

Patti Clipperton (ON) *

"I purchased all five Staging Diva course recordings and I am SO pleased I did!
home stager NJ
I had already taken a more expensive staging program with another company, but important pieces were missing.
Thank you for filling in those missing pieces with your incredibly insightful and informative courses. After finishing the Staging Diva program, I feel thoroughly prepared to start on this new adventure of opening my own home staging business."

Nancy Maurer (NJ) *
Whitehall Interiors & Home Staging LLC

"Tony Robbins and people like you, Debra, have made a major impact on my life!

I appreciate your direct and honest approach to teaching about the business of home staging.

The Staging Diva course recordings are fabulous, as are your newsletters and your ever-present contagious energy!

It helps immensely to know you're around as I grow my new business.

By the way, I used the Business Alliance Assessment ScoreCard from Course 5 to help me in my first negotiation with an outside supplier. It went fabulous!"

Liana Davis (CA) *
The Finer Touch

"Thank you Debra for all the support you have given me since taking the Staging Diva courses and welcoming me. I loved doing the classes by recordings as they allowed me to go back over things I might have missed the first time.

The Staging Diva Training Program really is a comprehensive guide to the home staging business.
home stager New York

Everything you need to know to get the business up and running is in there.

I am also happy that I registered for the Accelerator Upgrade coaching time with you. It really helps knowing you are there if I get stuck on something and need a question answered.

This has been a wonderful experience and look forward to many more as part of your Staging Diva Network of home stagers."

Laurie Mahoney (NY) *
Designed, Staged and Sold Inc.

AtWell Staged Home is featured in the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers

"I just finished staging my first home since joining the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers.

To my great surprise, within 2 weeks of you putting up my page I received my first inquiry, which turned into a 3 hour consultation followed by complete staging of an empty condo. Home Stager, CT
This one client more than paid for the cost of joining the directory and all my Staging Diva Training. Anyone considering a listing should not hesitate to join because a listing on the Directory is a powerful marketing tool."
Susan Atwell (CT) *
AtWell Staged Home

Read more about Susan's success here and here.

"I LOVE your Staging Diva courses. You are so to the point with both your presentation and the quality of the content.

I appreciate all the examples you include and your perspective on issues and replies to questions asked during the course recordings. England home stager
It's been so convenient to listen to the recordings whenever and as often as I like. The quality of the Staging Diva Program completely exceeded my expectations and gave me all the tools I need to start my business with confidence. Debra you have inspired me so much with your creative talent, knowledge, enthusiasm and energy! Thanks for everything. It's been wonderful to receive such a warm welcome into the home staging world from you."

Isabelle Gelderblom (England) *
iDesign Home Staging

"I looked into other training courses but they were much more expensive and did not cover the business and marketing areas that I needed.

Ontario home staging The course recordings were an easy way for me to complete my Staging Diva training at my own pace.
And, I can listen to key information over again.

The courses answered my questions about the business of home staging and I know that Debra is available for future coaching if needed.

Debra's enthusiasm encouraged me to move forward and develop a business that I am passionate about!"

Retta Schick (ON) *
Staging Transformations

"I really can't say enough about how pleased I am with the Staging Diva courses and the tons of information and insight that you include.
You are coming from a place of first-hand knowledge and experience that is invaluable. And you have such a willingness to share, and the ability to energize! Kansas home stager
I looked at other staging training programs and decided on Staging Diva because it addressed the business side. I'm so glad I did! I can't tell you how much I learned from your course recordings and I definitely want to go through them again; I know I will pick up more each time!

I just staged a vacant house and I charged more for my time than I would have if I hadn't taken your courses!

My husband even commented on how much more confident I am in my staging business as a result of your program!"

Donna White (KS) *
Sandcreek Designs

"Within weeks of finishing listening to your home staging training program, I published my website and developed and printed my marketing materials.

It's been fun setting up my home staging business.

home stager, CA I wouldn't have had the confidence to pursue this new career without your Staging Diva courses. Thanks!"
Gina Dougherty (CA) *
Fusion Design Consulting
Editor's Note

7 months later Gina was invited to audition for a host spot in a new home staging TV show!

The Staging Diva Program is chock-full of business savvy information for those of us who tend to be creative... but not so smart business-wise.
Debra is a marketing genius and covered well beyond what I expected. I am absolutely more prepared to start and grow my business. Cincinatti home stager
The Staging Diva Training Program is well worth the investment!
Gina Williamson (OH) *
Selling Designs
"Debra Gould is a Master at Marketing! A true professional with Wit and Humor and open to share all her success.
A "COACH" who has done all the legwork to streamline the process for you. Brilliant!

I look forward to charting my own destiny thanks to the Staging Diva Training.

California home stager
I also recommend the one on one business coaching. Everyone needs a mentor— Debra will be mine. Her energy and confidence are truly inspiring!"
Carla Savko (CA) *
Homes with Pizzazz

NOTE: Carla picked up her first home staging client before her training was even complete! "I used the script you gave us to follow in course 3 to convince them to pay for our first meeting," she said.

"Debra, you're a marketing genius. A local newspaper ran a profile on my company and I just finished taping a home staging segment for a local TV show thanks to what I learned in your Staging Diva Sales & Marketing Secrets Course!
I've done more business in the six months since taking the Staging Diva Program than I did the whole previous year! Washington DC home staging
Many thanks for your vision for high-end home staging on an international basis and your incredible ability to share it with others."

Caroline Carter (DC) *
Done In A Day, Inc.

"We are drawing so much value from your insight into starting a home staging business. We know what we want to do, we know our market, we know contacts to assist us get started, we have office admin and marketing backgrounds, but what we didn't know was HOW to offer what we wanted. Many thanks for providing what you have.
home stager Tasmania Australia The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training information is invaluable and we appreciate the personal touch that you offer."
Adam Luttrell (Tasmania, Australia) *
Shift Property Styling

Check out Adam's home staging video

The Staging Diva Program is a great confidence builder; I was given the tools and guidance to access the resources that I may need going forward.
Debra has excellent presentation skills and anticipates many of our questions. Her real life examples are a great motivator. home stager Ontario
She packs a lot into the training sessions. I know I will be referring back to the materials again and again.

Having been in the training business myself, I was so impressed by the organization and content of the Staging Diva Training. This was a very professional and thorough program. Thank you Debra!!!

Ruth Wallace (ON) *
"I'm so glad I filled out your Staging Diva Quiz. That little step started this great journey. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed/appreciated your courses.

I was nervous about the format, but the first class laid my fears to rest. I received MUCH more than my money's worth from the classes! I now feel totally armed to take on my own staging business and any situations that may come along.

You may be a tough-as-a-boot businesswoman, but you've got a heart of gold. Your success and professionalism are an inspiration. Thanks, thanks, thanks!"

Jamie West (TX) *
UPstage Redesign

"When I started my home business, I started out with redesign and organization. But when I came across the Staging Diva website, I was hooked. home stager, GA
Debra has given me all the tools I needed to start my business and the confidence to keep it going. Now when I waked up in the morning I say “Good Morning” and mean it."
Kris O’Neill (GA) *
A Cents of Design Inc.

Editors Note:

Within 6 months, Kris had been written up in the local paper and been invited to decorate a room for the HGTV show "My First Place." Read more here.

"Debra is very giving with information on her web site, so you can imagine what she shares during the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program! For that reason I decided to take her courses and I'm glad I did.

She makes it convenient by having recordings so you don't have to leave home and you can listen to it over and over again when you have time in your busy schedule.

home stager ontario

After struggling for a year to get my business going BEFORE taking Staging Diva Training, Debra has now taught me to market my business correctly. It's money well spent!"

Nancy Dart (ON) *
Sterling Home Staging

"Debra, you are a force of nature and a formidable combination of excellent marketing experience, business savvy, practicality, self-and-sanity preservation and super-focused energy.

You do what you do with generosity, high ethical standards, common sense and a can-do spirit that is irresistible.

You really showed me how to apply my designer background and use my talents in my home staging business.

In fact, I took what I learned in The Staging Diva Program and made over $4,000 profit on my first project!

If you were a publicly traded company, I'd invest in your stock. You are a winner!"

With warm admiration for all you do,

Kathleen Fischbein (NY) *
Present Perfect

"The first home I staged had been on the market three months and it sold two days after I staged it for an open house. My client was thrilled!
Nebraska Home Stager The common sense approach given by Debra Gould and her experience in the business world is invaluable. Her enthusiasm is catching!"
Katie Mines (NE) *
Sweet Villa Home Staging
"I thought I wanted to learn how to stage houses, but I realized that I already know how.
What I needed to learn was how to start and run a business. Thanks for helping me find confidence in what my skills are worth!" Home Stager Tulsa
Brooke Patten (OK) *
Tulsa Home Staging
"I was very impressed by the Staging Diva Training Program course recordings. I have listened to them numerous times as they are packed full of vital information. California Home Stager

Thanks again, Debra, for your continued support and inspiration."

Marlene Miller (CA) *
Home Equity Designs

"I just booked my first client today!
Without the Staging Diva Program, I wouldn't have had a clue how to handle the conversation or what to expect (even though I was a college-level teacher of Customer Care!" Ontario home stager
The content and direction that Debra provides was pivotal not only for my success on the phone, but in guiding me on how to conduct a thorough and efficient Consultation which uses both mine, and my clients' time productively."

6 months later, Pam wrote:
"For those of you who haven't experienced Debra's classes personally— you are MISSING OUT! She is an absolute business whiz— and that is a huge factor in why her training stands out. Her focus is on how to OPERATE a SUCCESSFUL home staging business. Debra is incredibly intelligent, well-spoken, encouraging, and open-minded to answer questions. She saved me money, time, and probably a lot of discouragement, by teaching me how to start my business smart and confidently from day one. She even found me a staging project for a million dollar home!"

Pam Lachance (ON) *
Redesigning Real Estate

"My passion is decorating and I have always wanted a career in the field. Unsure how to get started, I continually put my dream on hold.

I was weighing my options when an article appeared the Florida paper which included Debra Gould’s Top 10 Staging Tips. Call it kismet, coincidence, or fate, but it helped me realize Home Staging would be the perfect fit for me.

I researched several training companies very thoroughly. There was no question that The Staging Diva Business Training Program was the absolute best.

Everything I have heard since proves I made the right choice. The program not only provides the tools to grow and market your business, it also provides a network of support and inspiration.

Debra, your integrity and class shine through; from your staged home designs, to your willingness to share your knowledge with others. home stager Florida
Thanks for inspiring me to do what I have dreamed of for so many years!"

Debbie McGennis-Howe (FL) *
Set the Stage Interiors

"The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Quick-Start Checklist takes away that feeling of 'oh my, now what...where do I begin?' Or in my case, 'am I going about this in the most efficient way, and am I forgetting anything crucial?'

From the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program I knew what to do, and the Quick-Start Checklist helped me focus on when to do everything! home stager Florida
I’m happy to report I’ve completed 11 of the 20 steps and I'm actively working on the rest! The Quick-Start Checklist is great, a very useful resource for anyone starting a home staging business.

Thanks again for all your encouragement and your willingness to share your experiences in the Staging Diva Training Program. I have so much more confidence and comfort about this new business because of your training!"

Jean Galvin (FL) *
Essentially Staged, LLC
Home Stager Nebraska "I took a "hands-on" course before that I spent significantly more money for, and learned much less than from your Staging Diva Program.
I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from the Staging Diva recordings. I've listened to each class several times, always hearing something new.

Staging hasn't completely caught on in Nebraska yet, but is definitely is growing. Our market is extremely slow, so the time is right. There are 3 houses on the market on my street alone and our development is only 5 years old!

Thanks for offering such a great home staging training program."

Amy Eastlack (NE) *
Staging Solutions and Redesign

"If you have a love of decorating and know you have the talent, this program is very informative for all the 'how to' stuff.
Newfoundland Home Stager Debra is very clear about how to run this business, and her expertise is generously shared in this program.

The audio tapes are wonderful, I almost forgot the courses were pre-recorded."

Teri Stayner
Teri's Interiors and Home Staging (CA) *

"I can't thank you enough for all of your encouragement, support and genuine commitment to the serious growth of others starting their own home staging business. New Brunswick home stager
The integrity with which you approach the matter of staging homes and the kind of training you offer brings respectability to an idea which in other hands is quickly becoming rather 'fluffy' and sometimes ridiculous.

So my heartfelt thanks for putting yourself out there."

Derrian Smith (NB) *
Dressed To Sell Inc.
"I loved the Staging Diva program. You have provided me with wonderful sound business advice.
Every time I go to do something in my business I think, 'what would Debra do in this situation'? Ontario Home Stager
Thank you so much for everything, you are a wonderful inspiration to all women entrepreneurs!"

Nicole Hurst (ON) *
Cole House Design

Editors Note:

Nicole wrote within 2 months of completing the program that she had landed a new project to stage a 5,000 sq. ft. home! It sold in 3 weeks, above the $990,000 asking price!

3 Years Later, Nicole writes:
"The Staging Diva Program has shown me how to build a successful home staging business, and provided me with the tools and know-how to prosper in a topsy-turvy real estate market over the last few years. Thanks Debra!"

"For many years I have been decorating my own homes, helping friends and family shop for furniture, hang art work, and stage their homes.
After spending over 8 years in real estate, I decided to branch out into the creative area and stage to sell. Taking the Staging Diva's class was a very smart move! Ohio Home Stager
I was prepared for the staging aspect of the business, but not the business aspect. This was invaluable in launching my business and I am experiencing the results. Thank you Debra Gould!"

Susan Rutter (OK) *
Staged By Susan, LLC

2 years later, Susan writes:
"I have literally been too busy staging, decorating, organizing and doing closet make-overs to write and say how well my business is going. Thanks for all of your help!"

"Debra Gould provides a wealth of information on starting your Home Staging business.
If you have the determination to grow your business, Debra will give you the tools to succeed. home stager AB

Her own personal experiences make you realize that meeting or exceeding your clients expectations are truly where the enthusiasm for succeeding originates from. 

Thank you Debra for sharing your expertise with us. You are a true inspiration."

Myrna Deen (AB) *
The First Impression Home Staging

"Thanks a million for your course advice!

Even though I just heard the Staging Diva recordings, I still felt like part of the class. It's so extremely helpful to be able to focus on the business aspects of design as well as the advice you give regarding client, alliance and stager interaction!

I'm so thrilled I found the Staging Diva Program!

You have become a dream mentor!"

CA home stager
Cris Bermudez (CA) *
Bermuda Designs of SF
"Thank you for being an inspiration. Like you, I truly understand what it is to have an innate passion to succeed and to want to be in control of your own destiny.
Debra, I consider you my mentor and appreciate all the guidance you have provided. Home Stager, Toronto
Thanks for making the Staging Diva training program so seamless to take!"
LaToya McPherson (ON) *
Seven Divine Home Staging & Redesign
"How far Debra has come in such a short time is certainly inspirational!
The Staging Diva Training Program is totally worth the investment. Very professional, upbeat training. home stager MD
So beneficial for beginners who don’t know where to start with their business."

Judy Pharris (MD) *
Before and After Home Staging

"My career choice to own my home staging business has improved my life. It gives me the flexibility to take time for myself and family when needed, and also time to give back.

Volunteer work (decorating apartments for families in crisis for a transitional shelter) is a joy that I would have missed out on had I stayed working with a set schedule, including weekends and holidays.

Debra's course gave me all the tools that I needed to be a confident and successful business owner. BC Home Stager
I share her business values, which made choosing The Staging Diva Training Program a perfect match for me."

Sharon McConnell (PA) *
Park Ave Home Staging & Redesign

"The Staging Diva Training Program is absolutely fabulous! Despite my 25 years experience in sales, I learned so much from the program.
Newfoundland Home Stager Starting my staging business I quickly realized that marketing my own services is so different then what I did selling for another company.

I refer back to the Staging Diva Training Program Workbook and course materials constantly."

Levina Fitzpatrick (NL) *
Home Staging Ideas

Debra gave me the knowledge, power and confidence to quit my job of 8 years and start doing something I have only dreamed of.

All my questions of why, how and where were answered and I was able to start my staging business knowing what to expect and what steps to take. The Staging Diva Training has been like an awakening.

Home Stager Florida Family and friends have a new found respect for me for being an example to my children by stepping outside my comfort zone and going for what I really want!
Thank you Debra for showing me how to build this new career for myself!

Heather Ray Ryan (FL) *
Rayz The Stage

I just LOVE the new Home Staging Consultation Checklist with Room-by-Room Planning Forms! This Checklist is a MUST for any stager! I can't wait to use it on my next project!!!!!!

Taking the Staging Diva Training has been the best ever. Debra answered all questions during the courses, even ones I didn't know I had. home stager MO
And she continues to come up with new tools for us to be even better, it's amazing! I have SO much more confidence to be able to work with the ability that I have, thanks to Debra.
Barbara Perkins (MO) *
Perkins Home Staging, Re Design
"Debra has taken all she learned and put it into 5 great courses.

I had my business up and running within a month of doing the Staging Diva Program.

home stager Toronto
The course recordings taught me everything I needed to know about getting my home staging business up and running from start to finish.

Since completing the program, I continue to get great support from Debra with the Staging Diva Network.

Debra has truly thought of everything to help us succeed."

Theresa Gamble (ON) *
Simply Put Home Staging

"Thank you for your generous and very professional presentation.

It was highly informative and totally exceeded my expectations. I feel I have the talent and now tools to create a successful home staging and decorating business.

Thank you Debra for your clarity, on-going support and sense of humor. You rock!" home stager AB
Jodi Opsahl (AB) *
"I had my first staging job before I even finished the Staging Diva Training program and my second project only 3 days later! Pennsylvania home stager
Debra offers practical advice that is invaluable to anyone starting a home staging business.

I could have spent years trying to figure out through trial and error what I learned in her 5 courses. She keeps things simple, straightforward and offers continued support and interest in my success."

Diane Beck (PA) *
Vibrant Interiors

"I have a strong spiritual belief that we are put in other's paths for a reason. I researched Staging courses for many months, and when I got to the point of exasperation, I found you. Your no-nonsense approach is what appealed to me most. I thoroughly enjoyed your class.

FL Home Stager I'm grateful your warm, witty, sensible, and encouraging words transcended the miles to inspire beyond my expectations.

I will always take great pride in being one of your students. You're an awesome lady and I hope I have the privilege of meeting you in person one day!

Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family always!"

Pamela Mac (FL) *
Diamond Home Staging Associates
"Debra, you’re a wonderfully fair and inspiring mentor. I genuinely thank you and appreciate your kind words of wisdom and encouragement."
"Each time I interact you, I am grateful for your guidance and unending patience." Florida home stager
Cindy Pickering (FL) *

NOTE: Within 5 months of graduating and starting her staging business, Cindy was able to sell her new company when her husband was transferred to a different state!

"For 8 years I wanted to start my own business. So many people I know have had the courage to start their own business and I always admired them for it. I could never have gone ahead with it until now. You truly made this so simple to do as your training allowed me not to think of being nervous but so excited to get started I was bursting.
It's a great feeling to know I'm on my way to creating a business to call my very own. Ontario Home Stager
It is all thanks to you, your Staging Diva courses and your great ability to inspire so many people to do what you have done. Thank you for everything!"

Francesca Midolo (ON) *
Staged with Elegance

"All the information gained through this course has not only inspired me, but will add so much in the way I establish and operate my business that I can't wait to get to started.
Debra, the Staging Diva Program is amazing! I am grateful that you are sharing all the finer details of the home staging business.
MA Home Stager
I found it very valuable and it identified key principles that I can apply quickly in establishing and running my own business.

Great value for money!"

Diana Miralis (MA) *

"The Staging Diva Program seemed like the best program out of many I reviewed, but I'm generally quite skeptical when it comes to online business training programs, so I hesitated a bit before signing up for the program.
Thankfully, Debra's program was the genuine article, and anyone who's serious about starting a home staging business should make the investment.

New Jersey Stager

I'm glad I decided to take the program as it has provided me with a lot of information for starting my own home staging business."
Chris DeSerio (NJ) *

"Staging Diva Training is well planned, highly focused and a step by step program for the business of Home Staging. 

Debra has really enabled me to ‘jump start’ my home staging business. She pushes her students and graduates to ‘kick it up a notch’!

Edmonton Home Stager I am off and running with confidence in my own home staging business because of Debra's Staging Diva Training Program!"
Joanne Babynec (AB) *
Signature Home Staging
"I just wanted to share my first bit of success. I contacted some real estate agents and it led to my first staging job! I am really thrilled and now I am staging my third house through the same agent.
Thank you for all the encouragement and great tips. I could not have done it without you!" Ontario Home Stager
Patricia Adamic (ON) *
Ma Maison Home Staging
"I learned more about marketing from the Staging Diva Program than I have in 20 years in the design field. home stager MO

Debra's program is not about how to fluff a pillow, or flower arranging 101 but how to set up and market your home staging company."

Lisa Chill (MO) *
Room Service Inc.
Isn't it time you started moving towards your own dreams?
All the women and men you see here had a dream that they could do something different with their lives.

They swallowed their fear and took action to make it happen!

When you're ready, Staging Diva is here to help!

Why not listen to a free Ask Staging Diva Live recording and listen to Debra Gould's answers to questions from aspiring home stagers? You have nothing to lose by listening, and everything to gain!

Listen FREE to Ask Staging Diva Live!

"I took the Staging Diva Program and loved it!

I also ordered the Color Guide and Portfolio Guide, all of which saved me big time already!

home stager PA Business officially launches Sunday, youngest starts kindergarten Monday, kids will both be in school, time for MOM to make some MONEY!"
Melanie Bailey (PA) *
Melanie Bailey Interiors
(% replied)
(% replied)
Were you already in a home staging business before taking the Staging Diva Program?
Was the Staging Diva Program worth the investment you made?
Do you feel more prepared to start or grow your home staging business now that you've taken the Staging Diva Program? 98.7 1.3
Did you feel inspired after taking the Staging Diva Training Program? 100.0 0.0
Note: Even though about 22% of Staging Diva Graduates were already home stagers and many had taken other training, 98.7% felt more prepared by the Staging Diva Program to start or grow their businesses!

Staging Diva® Home Staging Consultation Checklist with Room by Room Client Planning Forms

Nervous about how to handle a home staging client consultation?

This checklist will give you what to do step by step in every room.

Just fill in the blanks!

Learn more about the Home Staging Consultation Checklist!

• In the US, 9.1 million women-owned businesses employ 27.5 million people contributing $3.6 trillion to the economy.

• In the US, one of every 3 businesses are owned and operated by women US Small Business Administration

• 56% of all female-owned businesses are run from home, compared to only 47% for men. U.S. Census Bureau Report

• Canada is home to more than 800,000 women entrepreneurs, growing 60% faster than the growth in small businesses run by men.

• 82% of women business owners say if they had it to do over, they would definitely open their own business again. Women Entrepreneurs: Leading the Charge

Find out how to start living your dreams

Staging Diva Debra Gould attends to everything even the flowers

Debra Gould shares before and after photos and detailed floor plans from actual staging projects to illustrate the design principles she teaches in this complete guide. Boost your confidence in any real estate staging project!

Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide: Home Staging Tips, Tricks and Floor Plans

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