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Issue 76: January 2013
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On stage this month

To Set the Stage

Backstage with Debra

Home Staging Project Available

Staging Vacant House Creates a Home
Peg Barcelo-Jackson

A Trail of Breadcrumbs to Your Business

Staging Consultation Traps

Save the Dates
5 Simple Secrets to a Home Staging Business, and Staging Diva Dialog

Staging Success Spotlight
Peggy Wilcox

Horoscope for Home Stagers

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Did You Know?

All Staging Diva Graduates receive free artwork for their marketing and websites. This is one example:

Staging Diva Graduate Badge

Unlike most staging courses, Staging Diva Graduates DO NOT have to pay an ongoing fee to be a Graduate in good standing.

To Set the Stage

"To shrink one's sense of potential based solely on past experience is a way of playing God, of damning the entire future before it ever has a chance to arrive." - Raphael Cushnir

Backstage with Debra

As we begin this new year, I hope you're taking time to dream about what you can achieve. One of my mentors says that we shouldn't just write lists of goals, we should create a manifesto for our lives. Just recounting this to you I get the same prickle up the back of my neck as when I first heard it. What an empowering idea, don't you think?

In this month's newsletter I'll share the first home staging job posting of the year, showcase two vacant staging projects and their results, plus how you can take advantage of a free publicity service I offer my students and graduates.

You'll discover the home staging consultation traps to avoid, have a chance join me for a no-cost teleseminar, and meet an inspiring home stager who landed on her feet after 2 divorces.

As we move into the 9th year of the Staging Diva Training Program I'm really proud of the community of home stagers we have in 22 countries.

This newsletter reaches over 20,000 wonderfully creative women and men who are stepping into the power of using their God-given talents to make a living. I find that incredibly inspiring.

Thanks to all of you who sent your holiday wishes and feedback to the Horoscope or Home Stagers I sent out as a New Year's gift.

As always, my mission is to help you create your ideal business and lifestyle while having fun along the way.

Happy New Year and I wish you every success in 2013.


Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®
President, Voice of Possibility™ Group Inc.

Home Staging Project In Gorgeous Neighborhood

I operate the only home staging job board in the industry and I'm pleased to say that it has generated over 400 projects for Staging Diva Graduates, in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa and Israel.

The latest project is in this gorgeous neighborhood. Since the home seller gave me the address, I went on Google to check out what the area looked like so I could share this satellite image with you.

> Get the details on this home staging project.

Did you know?

Anyone listed in the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers gets free home staging referrals and client introductions automatically for their area.

Staging Vacant House Creates a Home

There's no doubt that staging a vacant house will help it sell faster and for more. After all, an empty house looks sad and abandoned, even when it's brand new. When it's a resale, it looks even worse.

In either case, every imperfection is totally obvious because potential buyers have nothing else to look at. It's also really tough to visualize the true size of a room when there's no reference point. It's a rare person who can judge how a couch and a few chairs might fit when there's nothing there but empty space.

Congratulations to Staging Diva Graduate Peg Barcelo-Jackson of Fluff My House Home Staging Inc. in Edmonton for being featured in Canadian Home Trends Magazine. She's also achieved some awesome results for her clients as these two vacant home staging projects show:

vacant home staging

Her first vacant-staging was a newly-built house that had been on the market for 6 months. It sold the day after Peg staged it to a visitor at their open house.


Peg recently staged a rental property that sold 13 days after home staging. The home seller had researched several stagers in the area before hiring Peg and said her work was "head and shoulders above anyone else's in the area." With her speedy results from this transformation, he'll undoubtedly use her for his next project. Plus she can expect referrals from his mortgage broker who commented that the successful sale was totally due to her home staging efforts.

Peg writes that the Staging Diva Program showed her "how to work smarter not harder." This reminds me of a quote I love from Henry David Thoreau that says, "The price of anything is the amount of your life that you exchange for it."

This applies not only to how long you might struggle to succeed in your business without the blueprint I have to share with you, but also to your clients. When you're discussing your pricing, remember to consider what it's costing them not being able to sell their homes in their current state.

This is especially true of vacant homes.

Imagine how much it cost the builder to carry that home for 6 months before he decided to finally invest in Peg's home staging services.

Before taking the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program about a year ago, Peg ran her own business for 25 years offering hair dressing services to house-bound and hospitalized patients to "help them retain their dignity."

As a home stager, she clearly still gets to help people, but now uses even more of her natural creative talent. Like many of my students, Peg was born to be a home stager and started decorating as a kid.

You can learn the staging business success formula I taught Peg through these products:

marketing plan for home stagers

A Trail of "Breadcrumbs" To Your Business

It's easier than you think to get me to write about your home staging business. Simply fill out the easy submission form at Share Your Staging Story.

This is your free shot at getting some publicity for your business in 2013, and getting ranked by Google. I might write about you in my newsletter which is posted online, as well as my blog, Home Staging Business Report. Sometimes I even turn the story into a press release! And all of these get promoted to my thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.

So when a potential client Googles you to see if you have any track record or credibility in home staging, guess what they'll find? All the little "breadcrumbs" I've scattered on the Internet for you!

I am the ONLY home staging trainer to consistently do this for my students and I'm featured in the media in the US, Canada and Australia, meaning more attention for your home staging business.

Home Staging Consultation Traps

As you prepare for a new year of home staging consultations, I want you to avoid the 5 most common traps that too many home stagers fall into.

These range from how you do your home staging estimates, to guaranteeing what is beyond your control, or employing a team the way you may have seen on HGTV, and more. home staging consultation traps

I've seen these traps put plenty of well-meaning and creative home stagers out of business. This doesn't need to happen to you when you know what to watch out for.

> Read the rest of this article and learn how to avoid the 5 most common home staging consultation traps.

Save These January Dates

Times indicated are eastern (NY time). Please adjust for your time zone.

5 simple secretes to making money in home staging

Jan. 9 (8 PM)
5 Simple Secrets to a Home Staging Business: How to Make Money Doing What You Love

(Free Live Teleseminar + Recording)

You'll learn how to avoid following the faulty business formula that most home stagers fall into.

> Sign up here F'REE if you've never taken Staging Diva courses (otherwise you already know these 5 secrets!)

Staging Diva Dialog

Jan. 17 (7pm)
Staging Diva Dialog Coaching Call

Open to all beginner and established home stagers. You don't need to be our student.

Is there some aspect of your new, or established, home staging business that's got you stuck? Break through that barrier now so you can have an awesome 2013!

Ask me questions and get semi-private coaching in a small group for only $47. You're guaranteed to make $500 when you implement the ideas from our call!

> Join us this month + get the recording too!

Staging Success Spotlight

Congratulations to Staging Diva Graduate Peggy Wilcox of Simply Swanky Home Staging (TX) on landing on her feet after two divorces. Her story shows how you can accomplish your goals if you take concrete steps rather than just dreaming about it.

Peggy writes:

Texas home stager

"I always wanted to be an interior designer. After marrying and raising kids for 30 years I went through 2 divorces. They did leave me with a former spouse military pension. I started substitute teaching and started taking Staging Diva courses as I could afford them. Eventually, I also joined the Staging Diva Directory.

I have moved to a new town, gave up my volunteer work at the nursing home and look forward to helping others move on with their lives. My staging career is a way for me to have my cake and eat it too. I get to help people and give new life to homes at the same time."

> I'd love to share your staging success in an article. Click here to submit your details and I'll take it from there!

> TIP: Members of the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers are invited to free private coaching calls with me to keep their businesses moving forward faster and with less effort.

Horoscope for Home Stagers

I had a bit of fun this holiday season researching and writing a 2013 horoscope for home stagers of every sign in the zodiac.

It answers questions like whether this will be a good year to expand, where the biggest motivators will come from, and more.

If you didn't get your copy, or you'd like to share your comments on what you learned, I'd love for you to visit my blog about your 2013 horoscope for home stagers.

You are also welcome to invite your Facebook or LinkedIn friends to get their own complimentary copy here.

horoscope for home stagers

About Staging Diva

Debra Gould has been a serial entrepreneur since 1989. She is president of Voice of Possibility Group Inc. with a mission of helping entrepreneurs create their ideal businesses and lifestyles.

An internationally recognized home staging expert, Debra created the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program with 7,000 students in the U.S., Canada and 20 other countries. She is the author of 5 guides, offers a Directory of Home Stagers to help home sellers and agents locate stagers in their area and is frequently profiled in the media.

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