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Wouldn't you love to connect regularly with people who know exactly what it's like to be a home stager? There's a great mix of new and advanced Staging Diva Dialog members who are really supportive of each other.

We share our latest triumphs or challenges at the start of the call, and then all the ideas and tips flow from there.

Each LIVE Home Staging Group conference call with Debra is unique because of the different questions members ask. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced stager, you're GUARANTEED to learn something.

When there's extra time on the call, Debra presents an advanced business building topic for the group so there is always something to learn no matter where you're at in your staging business. 

You do not have to be a Staging Diva Graduate to join Staging Diva Dialog!

Savvy Home Staging Business Advice Every 8 Weeks

"This is a wonderful way for stagers to connect, ask questions and receive support from fellow stagers and Debra.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my membership."

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– Jayne Steuart (CO)*
Pearl Home Staging

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We want you to be satisfied with your membership. If you don't feel that you've gained useful information during your first Staging Diva Dialog call, we'll give you a full refund and cancel your membership. PLUS, we guarantee that you'll get at least $800 worth of value from every session because if you implement the ideas presented during the call you'll see that return in your business.

Refunds must be requested within 24 hours after you attend your first Staging Diva Dialog call or receive that month's recording. Simply email explaining why you don't feel you're getting value for your investment, and we'll issue you a full refund and cancel your membership the same day, no questions asked.

You are also free to cancel your membership in Staging Diva Dialog at any time before your next billing period. Any recordings you've received to that point are yours to keep.


Join Our Home Staging Group

Staging Diva® Dialog is a 90 minute Group Coaching and Q&A Call with the Staging Diva. 

Join our active community of home stagers, and ask Debra Gould anything you like to help you grow your staging business!

Join for just $72 every 8 weeks! 


– Leah Fritz (WI)*
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"Debra, thank you for your genuine shared excitement regarding my recent success. It's great to know you're in my corner. You have been a great teacher, mentor, and example to follow... for me and many other Staging Diva Grads.

I'm sure there are probably students who simply take your training program, and never stay connected to the 'Staging Diva Inner Circle'. That is such a complete mistake on their part!

I don't understand how anyone could forge thru the un-chartered waters of the staging business without a seasoned support system to draw from.

Thank you again Debra and I look forward to our next Staging Diva Dialog call! I've put the full year's dates into my calendar so I can always plan my client appointments around them."

Staging Diva Dialog Member Benefits

Participation in a LIVE telephone conference call with Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, held every 8 weeks.

Ongoing support and membership with fellow home stagers to keep you inspired and moving forward in your business.

2022 Sessions: Jan 5, Mar 2, Apr 27, Jun 29, Aug 17, Oct 12, Dec 7.

Each 90 to 120-minute call starts at:

  • 8pm Eastern (New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Toronto)

  • 7pm Central (Chicago, Houston, Birmingham, Minneapolis)

  • 6pm Mountain (Denver, Phoenix, Calgary)

  • 5pm Pacific (Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver)

PLUS! A downloadable recording of each live call, which you can keep and listen to whenever, and as often, as you like. A link to the recording will be automatically emailed to you within 24 hours of the live group coaching session.

PLUS! Email your questions in advance so Debra can answer them on the live call if you won't be there in person to ask her yourself. Then you'll hear her answer in the recording!

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Ask Debra Gould Anything You Want About Starting, Running or Growing Your Staging Business

"Talking to Debra always inspires me and provides new ideas to grow my business."

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– Tiffiny Coffey (ID)*
Scarlet Barn Interiors

No question is too small or too big. The group tackles the topics together and explores anything from how to make sure potential clients know about you without spending money on advertising, to how to deal with a troublesome client, know the best social media to use, or raise your prices.

Staging Diva Dialog is an important part of your ongoing journey of growing a successful home staging business. There's absolutely nothing like the joy that comes from doing what you love and making money at it, making a difference in your clients' lives, AND finding a way to balance your business with family needs or outside hobbies.

Even if you can't attend a LIVE call with the group, submit your questions and you'll hear them answered on the Staging Diva Dialog recording sent to you within 24 hours, to listen to whenever and as often as you like!

You can ask anything in the Home Staging Group, whether you're just beginning your staging business or you've been at it for a while. You'll enjoy useful tips and strategies for all levels of home staging business experience.

Join our Home Staging Group now for only USD $72 every 8 weeks! Your rate is guaranteed for as long as you maintain your membership! That's a discount of over $650 compared to 90 minutes of one-on-one business coaching.

Staging Diva Dialog members can cancel at any time. So stay for one call or the whole year—it's entirely up to you!

"I just listened to this month's Staging Diva Dialog and got 2 great ideas, one of which I wish I had a few weeks ago. I hosted an open house in a house I staged and the owner had a questionnaire for the brokers asking them what they thought of the house and what they thought of the staging. Their remarks on the staging were neutral to good, but I realized they hadn't seen the disaster it was before.

If I used the idea you shared with us this month, they would have been really impressed.

Now I know for next time, thanks for the great tips."

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– Donna Dazzo (NY)*
Designed To Appeal


Here's What Our Home Staging Group Talked About on a Recent Call...

  • Starting a website and blog
  • Time-saving tips for social media posts
  • Getting free media attention instead of buying ads
  • Putting clients on a pay-as-you-go plan
  • Negotiating commissions from suppliers
  • Removing the real estate agent as a "middle man" and dealing with clients directly
  • How to get more client testimonials
  • Generating repeat business from clients
  • How to use a newsletter to stay "top of mind" with potential clients
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PLUS! Exclusive membership in our Private Facebook Group to stay in touch with Staging Diva Grad members between calls!

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As a Member of Our Home Staging Group, You're Not Alone in Your Staging Business

Working from home on your own can be isolating at times. And as your business grows and you gain more experience, new questions pop up that need answers.

I've had my own business since 1989 and I know how many times I've thought, "If only I knew how to deal with this one thing, I could keep going."

Then I'd spend hours trying to figure it out on my own, get overwhelmed, and lose my motivation in the process! Wishing I had someone who understood what I was struggling with— and the answers to put me back on track.

As a member of the Home Staging Group, Staging Diva Dialog, you'll be part of our regular Coaching and Q&A Calls, learning more about any topic you choose. I answer your questions LIVE plus you learn from your fellow members' questions and insights.

Our members call this "the water cooler for home stagers" because our open and candid conversations keep you connected to the community. You won't feel alone in facing your challenges and celebrating your triumphs because we're all here for you.

Members include beginner home stagers as well as those who have been in business for years. You'll get useful tips, ideas and strategies no matter what level you're at in your journey as a home stager!

One-on-one business coaching costs $497. Staging Diva Dialog lets you speak directly with with me for a tiny fraction of that cost

PLUS, if you don't get at least $800 value from your $72 investment, I'll give you your money back! 

I hope you'll join us! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in keeping your business moving forward!

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In addition to speaking to Debra Gould and the group by phone every 8 weeks, you'll be part of a Private Facebook Group to stay connected in between the live calls.

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva