Avoid Wasting 
Time and Money as a Home Stager

This special report takes you through the most common mistakes home stagers make.

It's normal to make mistakes, but when you're a stager it's essential you do whatever you can to avoid wasting time and money. After all, those efforts could be going into building your business!

In 7 Massive Mistakes That Can Kill Your Home Staging Business and How to Avoid Them, internationally-recognized home staging expert Debra Gould helps you avoid the most common pitfalls for new and established home stagers. 

This is a must-have resource if you're serious about getting your home staging business off on the right foot!



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In This Report You'll Discover:

The #1 reason why new stagers struggle, and how to avoid making the same mistake

The pricing strategy that can make or break your home staging business (Note: Most home staging courses teach the WRONG pricing strategy!) 

How to avoid falling into the "free estimate trap" – a mistake that puts so many home stagers on the road to burnout

And SO MUCH More!

“Being able to learn from what Debra Gould has been through and how to keep from making beginners mistakes is worth its weight in gold.  

She takes out all the guesswork by giving students the necessary steps to really get out there and start their own home staging businesses.”

– Brenda Malo (FL)
Cali Home Staging & Redesign LLC*

Don't miss these essential tips for both new and established home stagers!


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My Name Is Debra Gould, 
and People Call Me the Staging Diva

Debra Gould Is Featured In:

My passion for decorating started as a little girl, building doll houses and furniture with cardboard and fabric scraps.

Once I grew up, I loved decorating and redecorating my own homes. They always sold faster and for more money than others in the area. 

My home staging career was born when I finally realized that people would pay for my natural talent for decorating a house to sell for top dollar. 

As a single mom with a mortgage to pay on my own, I needed to be able to make a living. Through 2 years of hard work, and plenty of mistakes, I finally figured out the right formula to build a successful home staging business. I was so proud to support my family while doing what I love!

After I was featured on HGTV, newspapers and magazines, I got hundreds of emails from people who love decorating. Everyone wanted to know my secret. 

That's when I realized no one was teaching how to make money in home staging and redesign. I don’t want you to struggle following YOUR dream. 

Since 2005, I've taught over 30,000 students worldwide what I’ve learned while making a living as a home stager. 

I know you'll love this special report. I can save you months, if not years, of trial and error by sharing what I've learned along the road to making a living from staging and redesign!


Debra Gould, The Staging Diva

President, Six Elements Home Staging