Can a Regular Person Become a Successful Home Stager?

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at 10 home stagers and learn how they transformed their lives with new careers in home staging!

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You'll be inspired by real-life home stager success stories of people who went into home staging from completely unrelated jobs and how it changed their lives.


Debra Gould, The Staging Diva

President, Six Elements Home Staging

Many Paths to Home Staging

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  • Holly, a registered nurse who stages homes part-time and turned a non-selling house into a hot real estate property

  • Laura, a home schooling mom who makes more money staging homes than she used to earn working full-time in an office
  • Christina, a marathon runner and mother of 3 who has transformed her life staging homes to sell

  • Gary, who spent 15 years behind a desk only to discover his decorating talents would heat up the real estate market

  • Donna, who lost her financial services job in her 50s and reinvented herself as a home stager without studying design

  • And many other regular people just like you!

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After buying, decorating and selling 6 of my own homes in just 8 years, I realized I had a natural talent for decorating a house to sell for top dollar. 

Since that time, I've gained international recognition as a home staging expert, with features on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines in the US, Canada and Australia.

It was an interesting journey taking my gifts and passions and figuring out how to make a living from my creativity. 

After hundreds of struggling home stagers reached out to me asking how I'd been so successful, I realized no one else was teaching how to actually make money in home staging and redesign

That's when I knew I could help others by sharing what I'd figured out the hard way, over two years of trial and error, as I built my own home staging and redesign business. 

Since that time, I've trained over 30,000 students in the techniques I discovered staging hundreds of homes. I'm excited for you to join my community of people learning how to make a living from their creative talents.

I know you'll love this FREE report I've written to show you that there are many paths to becoming a successful home stager.

My Name Is Debra Gould, and People Call Me the Staging Diva. Here's How I Got Started...

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