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Are you hungry for quality information about the home staging industry to further your own education? Are you struggling to write articles for your own website, newsletter or blog? Are you stuck trying to come up with social media posts to promote your staging business?

Staging Diva® Chronicles provide professional pre-written content that you can use immediately!

With a total of 24 home staging articles, these two volumes 
give you plenty of content to keep you going. And you'll save $20 with the bundle of both volumes in one purchase!


Need Home Staging Content, But Hate Writing or Don't Have the Time?

Each volume of Home Staging Chronicles has 12 unique articles written by internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould, who has been a published author since 1990. These articles are perfect for a variety of uses:

End that fear of writer's block and the struggle to think up new story ideas. 

Home staging expert Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, has taken the "heavy lifting" out of writing about home staging by providing pre-written articles you can use for your own purposes. 

Debra is a well-respected leader in the home staging field, and by using this professional content, you'll add to your own credibility.

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"I have both volumes of Staging Diva Chronicles. These articles are terrific for a blog or newsletter. Thank you for sharing your excellent work!"

– Antonia Banewicz (NJ)*

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If you have a monthly newsletter that you send out by email, you'll have 2 years' worth of feature stories with these two volumes

You can split the articles up into multiple excerpts, and customize them with your own photos and promotional information for your blog or social media 

Use the articles for additional website content to attract potential customers. Did you know that websites like Google like to see lots of high-quality written content before they will help your website get found by clients?

You can also use the articles to earn passive income as a member of Staging Diva Rewards.

You may not be ready to build your own website or blog, and you may not have a newsletter. Perhaps you're just thinking about getting into the home staging field. No worries, the total of 24 unique articles contained in Staging Diva® Chronicles will give you plenty to learn from as you venture into the exciting home staging industry!

Even If You're Not Using These Articles for Promotion, You'll Learn More About Staging

You May Be a Great Stager, 
But Are You a Great Writer?

With social media, websites, blogs and newsletters being such great tools to promote your staging business, suddenly everyone feels like they have to be a great writer too. After all, it's hard to have a blog without content to put on it!

Are you holding yourself back from using these inexpensive and effective marketing tools because you don't know where you'll get content or how you'll find time to write?

That's no longer a problem because Debra Gould is a professional writer and home stager and you can use her content when you purchase 
Staging Diva Chronicles.

If you’re interested in home staging or you currently operate a home staging business, you probably know it’s hard to find quality articles and solid information about the industry.

Real estate agents and home sellers are also hungry for information that goes beyond the hype of typical TV shows on the subject. When you use the home staging articles in Staging Diva Chronicles you'll be attracting new customers by becoming their expert source of information!

When you have an instant stockpile of great articles about home staging to draw from, you’ll be able to take that time and energy you’d normally spend worrying about writing and get out there and decorate houses to sell! After all, that's why you went into this business!

Each volume of Staging Diva Chronicles contains 12 unique articles. You can buy the volumes one at a time or save money by getting them both at once.

Inside each volume, you'll find detailed instructions for how to provide proper "attribution" with your stories so that you can never be accused of plagiarism.

Staging Diva Chronicles Volume 1 

Contains 12 home staging articles, and the rights to re-use them for your own business. Get Volume 1 for only US $39!


Staging Diva Chronicles Volume 2 

Contains 12 more home staging articles, and the rights to re-use them for your own business. Get Volume 2 for only US $39!


Here's What You'll Find In Each Volume

Staging Diva Chronicles Volume 1

  • Helping real estate investors maximize their profit
  • Mistakes homeowners make when hiring a home stager
  • Why home staging is an essential marketing tool for real estate agents
  • How to turn a house into a hot property
  • Tips to hiring a professional home stager
  • Why you should hire a professional home stager
  • And more, for a total of 12 individual articles written to promote the benefits of home staging to agents and home sellers (includes 3 articles about the staging industry for your own education)

Staging Diva Chronicles Volume 2

  • Staging helps home sellers outshine the competition
  • Photography tips to spruce up your real estate listings
  • 5 Reasons you need a home stager
  • Home staging helps buyers see the real potential in a proprety
  • 6 House showing survival tips for life in the real estate market
  • Stagers help real estate agents stop wasting "free time"
  • And more, for a total of 12 individual articles written to promote the benefits of home staging to agents and home sellers

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