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Issue 67: April 2012
On stage this month

To Set the Stage

Backstage with Debra

A New Stager's Personal Journey
Daryl Rosenbaum

9 Tips to Win Staging Clients
Birgit Anich

Staging Success Spotlight
Sue Rasmussen


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To Set the Stage

"It's not about the resources you have, but your resourcefulness." - Tony Robbins

Backstage with Debra

I decided to try a shorter newsletter format this month and I'd love to get your feedback!

This month you'll learn 9 tips to help you create your home staging business card. Key when you're starting out, plus established stagers can take this opportunity to see if their current card needs some "staging" of its own!

I also share a personal story by a new home stager who reports that she feels like a bird set free now that she's immersed in doing work she loves and sharing it with her young daughter. Making $4,000 on her first project didn't hurt either.

You'll also meet a Staging Diva Graduate who is just launching her first book.

Don't forget to send me your questions or story ideas. Without your input, I'm only guessing what you want to learn!

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Happy Spring, Happy Passover and Happy Easter!


Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®
President, Voice of Possibility™ Group Inc.

A New Stager's Personal Journey

You've probably noticed that no matter what life lessons we try and teach, our kids learn the most from soaking up our anxieties, attitudes and actions.

When we want them to believe that life is joyful, or that hard work brings reward and fulfillment, yet all they see are parents who complain and stress about work, what belief system are we really passing on to the next generation? What are we inspiring them to expect from their lives as adults?

New Staging Diva Graduate Daryl Rosenbaum of Design Results (CN) asked me to share her personal story with the hope that it will inspire you:

home stager

"I always knew my strengths were creativity, compassion for others, networking, an appreciation for design, initiative and innovation. I had never found a way to channel the full range of my strengths and interest through 'a job'. I went from company to company utilizing only parts of my skill set. I just couldn't find enough of a challenge working for any other company.

When I had a baby at 40, which was fairly miraculous, I began to feel that I had by-passed fulfillment in any type of work as I turned my attention to her.

Staging and re-design have changed everything. Almost instantly, I got a job staging an empty 6 bedroom beach house. I got another smaller job within weeks redesigning a loft.

I am using my full skill set. I find myself dreaming about projects and actually resolving design issues in my sleep. I have a hyper-organized side which I had never found the incentive to use in less engaging work.

I am immersed in a vocation that feels like a vacation! I feel like a bird set free.

My little girl now refers to herself as "homestaging girl" and picks out wonderful color combinations at paint stores. This profession has enabled me to nurture my child, wonderful marriage and personal growth.

I truly help others which is very important to me. I love being part of a much larger community of professionals who utilize special gifts, help change lives, facilitate difficult transitions and bring great financial gain to people who are in great need of help.

I am finally harnessing the gifts I've been given. A room I redesigned was recently 'repinned' on Pinterest as part of a Dream Home!

I expect to make $4,000 on my first project. I know that kind of statement appears frequently on the Staging Diva site— but it is true!"

>Stagers, I'd love to share your story too. Here's how to get your story featured!

9 Staging Business Card Tips To Win Clients

New home stagers email all the time wondering what they should put on their business cards. It's a challenge because:

  • There is so little space to work with.
  • It's such an important part of our overall business identity.
  • It's the foundation of marketing yourself as a home staging professional.

Here are 9 home staging business card tips to get you started:

1. Remember that home staging is an image business.

I can usually tell which home stagers will ultimately fail almost before they start. My first clue is the quality of their logo and/or business card. When either one is sloppy or unprofessional, you are communicating from day one that you aren't prepared to invest in your business. If that's the case, don't expect clients to invest in you either.

This sounds harsh. It's meant to wake you up to how critical this point is because I want you to have a long and successful career as a home stager.

There's nothing like making money doing work you love. To enjoy this privilege for many years to come, you need to invest a minimal amount upfront to get your business image done right.

Home Staging Business Card Example

This business card for Staging Diva student Birgit Anich of Birgit Anich Staging & Interiors (CT) jumped out at me for its professionalism as soon as I saw it on my Facebook wall.

Using a room photo can be risky (see below) but Anich pulled it off beautifully in this example (notice she got around the need to include a logo with this design).

(Business card sample used with Birgit's permission.)

2. Include the address of your website and/or blog.

Consider how often you've found someone's business card stuffed in one of your pockets, lying under a bunch of papers on your desk, or sitting at the bottom of your purse. How often do you forget who the card belongs to, or where you got it?

The same thing will happen when you give out your own card. You want people to feel that it's something worth hanging onto, and then you want them to have somewhere to visit to refresh their memory about why they kept it and view your staging portfolio.

Having your website address on your card makes that happen.

Few home stagers have the time, money and ability to create a professional website from day one. That's why I created the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers. Within 7 days of submitting your material, you'll have a professional page on a high traffic website.

As long as you've registered a domain name (ie:, you can forward that address to your own page on the Staging Diva Directory. That way you don't have to build your own website now (or ever).

Many new home stagers start this way and several Directory members have remained for many years even after they built their own site. Donna Dazzo of Designed to Appeal, who has been a Directory member for almost 6 years, reports that her participation in the Directory continues to be among the top 3 sources of visitors to her website!

3. Consider the risks of using a photo of your work.

An interior room shot, as in the business card shown above, can be very effective in communicating what a great job you do and reinforcing your image as a staging professional. The downside is the limitation of choosing one image to reflect your style/image.

If you go with a modern interior, you might turn off all the folks whose tastes run more to the traditional. If you show a home that doesn't look like it's in the price range of your typical customer, they might think you won't know how to deal with a home like theirs.

Under NO circumstances should you use a stock image of a room that is not your work. This is a common and misleading practice that can ultimately destroy your credibility. Learn why you shouldn't use stock images here.

> Read the other 6 home staging business card tips.

What's on your business card?

I would love to feature you in an upcoming post and why I love your home staging business card as I did here for Birgit Anich.

> Please post of a photo of your card on The Staging Diva Facebook wall so I can check it out.

This will give you a little extra publicity and help you meet your fellow stagers inside the Staging Diva community. Besides, aren't you curious to see what others have created too?

Need help with your home staging business image?

The Staging Diva Ultimate Portfolio Guide: Winning clients with the perfect home staging portfolio gives you all the tips you need to create the right image for your home staging business, from how to write about yourself, get a great logo, take before and after photos, and more.

> Learn about how to create the right home staging business image so you'll actually HAVE a staging business!

> Learn about the complete home staging training program so you can finally make money doing what you love!

home staging portfolio guide

Staging Success Spotlight

Congratulations to Staging Diva Graduate Sue Rasmussen in Minnesota, on her upcoming book, "Unclutter Your Clothes Closet: The Fun, Easy, and Inspiring Guide to Clear Out Your Wardrobe in One Day (or Less)." Here are Sue's comments about her training:

"Debra, your Staging Diva Program is fabulous! I loved hearing your voice in the course recordings which made me feel like I was part of the live group. You go step by step through the specific how-to's of building a staging business, not a staging hobby. I recommend your program to any home stager who is ready to take his or her business seriously."

> Read more comments from Staging Diva Students

Sue Rasmussen book
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