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Staging Diva Sales Script

by internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould

"Thank you Debra for being so open and candid about the intimacies of operating your home staging business so that we can have a better chance to succeed!" Terri Tough (AB)

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Introducing the Staging Diva® Sales Script: How to Avoid the Free Estimate Trap and Turn Homeowners into Home Staging Customers in One Phone Conversation

Home staging expert Debra Gould, The Staging Diva has personally staged hundreds of homes without ever going to visit a a prospective client to do a free estimate (even though she is surrounded by other stagers who do).

In this unique product, she "parts the curtain" for you and takes you behind the scenes to discover exactly what she says to homeowners when they call and say:

"I'm thinking of having my home staged, what does it cost?"


"I'm thinking of having my home staged, can you come over for a free estimate?"

If you're running around doing free estimates, you're probably only months away from closing your business and giving up on your dreams.

It's just too exhausting and you can't earn money that way.

With the Staging Diva® Sales Script: How to Avoid the Free Estimate Trap and Turn Homeowners into Home Staging Customers in One Phone Conversation, you'll read EXACTLY what Debra says word for word with explanations of why she says it, and why she uses the order that she does.

Along with the actual script contained in this report, you'll read her comments about:

  • why she structures the conversation the way she does
  • what questions she asks prospects to help her identify the "hot buttons" they need to hear
  • how she explains the process of a home staging consultation to break down any barriers a homeowner might feel
  • when and how she talks about her rates
  • how she builds a rapport with the homeowner on the phone without ever first meeting them in person
  • how she inspires confidence so that the homeowner realizes how much they need her help
  • how she ends the conversation to book a paid home staging consultation (even though she's one of the most expensive home stagers in her city and always has been)

You need to know how to sell if you're going to have a business

"Selling" isn't bad if you learn that it's about explaining the benefits you can bring to your clients. You need to establish a connection with them and show how you can help them get what they want.

Trying to sell a home is an incredibly stressful time.

When homeowners really understand the value of hiring a home stager and what you have to offer, it's not a matter of being the "cheapest" stager or turning yourself into a pushy salesperson. Quite the opposite is true!

If the conversation is handled right, people will be happy when you can squeeze them into your "busy" schedule. You may not have a busy schedule right now, but you certainly will if you are marketing your business properly, and then using the sales script and tips Debra shares with you in the new Staging Diva® Sales Script: How to Avoid the Free Estimate Trap and Turn Homeowners into Home Staging Customers in One Phone Conversation.

As a home stager you have an incredible gift to share with your clients

In this Sales Script, Debra Gould will help you realize how you can talk about your services in a way that doesn't feel or sound like selling.

As a professional home stager you are in a position to make a tremendous difference in your clients' lives. Helping homeowners understand that lets you be of service to others.

Staging Diva Home Staging Sales Script

Ever wish you could be in the room to know exactly what a top-selling home stager says to prospective clients to turn them into customers?

Now you can get the exact script Debra Gould, the Staging Diva uses, word for word! She has staged hundreds of homes over the last 5+ years and here she let's you read the words she uses to do turn homeowners into home staging customers.

Imagine how much more free time you could have if you never had to waste your time and gas money running around doing free estimates. Now imagine how much more money you could make if twice as many of the people you speak to became real paying clients!

There is NO HARD SELLING in this Sales Script, it's about knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

"I love the Staging Diva Sales Script, it's nearly fail proof and relieves me of having to re-invent the wheel, which frees up my time to focus on marketing my new business.

Debra's script is like being privy to the 'secret' of a famous restaurant, because she has proven it works over time.

home stager Oregon
With diligent practice following her script will become second nature for me. And I'll be able to approach phone calls from prospective clients with the ease and confidence that they deserve. I sincerely appreciate the Staging Diva's desire to help entrepreneurs like me become a success!" Sue Kilmer, (CA)
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Staging Diva Satisfaction Guaranee We want you to be satisfied with the Staging Diva products you order. If you don't feel that the Staging Diva® Sales Script: How to Avoid the Free Estimate Trap and Turn Homeowners into Home Staging Customers in One Phone Conversation has been accurately described, we'll give you a full refund.

Your refund must be requested in writing within 24 hours of receiving your Sales Script. After that time no refunds will be issued.

YES, I want to order the Staging Diva® Sales Script: How to Avoid the Free Estimate Trap and Turn Homeowners into Home Staging Customers in One Phone Conversation for only US $59, so I can stop running around doing free estimates and turn more prospects into paying customers! I understand that my copy will be emailed to me immediately.

Home staging expert Debra Gould not only tells you what to do, she shows you exactly how by sharing her time proven script for turning homeowners into home staging customers. Read this script and you'll have a blueprint to follow because it will be like you eavesdropped on her many phone conversations with potential clients.

"I'm so happy to be starting a new business at the age of 76. I got 2 projects within weeks of completing the training. Thank you for helping my dreams come true!"

FL Home Stager
Jean Smith (FL)

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"Debra Gould's training is the wisest investment I've ever made to truly prepare me for my staging business. California Home Stager
This is practical, no-nonsense information on what you need to start your own business." Jody Thulin (CA)

"I give Staging Diva a 10. I did hours of research and Debra's program stood out on many levels. The home staging profession is lucky to have Debra Gould as a leading innovator in our field."

Boston Home Stager
Lisa Kauffman (MA)

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