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Home Staging Brisbane Proves Staging Works

home staging brisbane living roomI’m thrilled with the success Staging Diva Graduate Imogen Brown has enjoyed as her Australia-based business grows.

Her company Home Staging Brisbane has a gorgeous home staging portfolio so it’s no wonder her reputation is shining so brightly in her local real estate market.  » read more…

Two Years, No Offers – Time to Call a Home Stager?

frustrated home stagerIt’s so totally absurd that a home seller will put their life on hold for more than two years, and only then reach out to a home stager.

Perhaps it’s because they don’t know such an option exists.

Or perhaps their real estate agent never suggests home staging.  » read more…

Home Staging Testimonial Makeover

Home Staging TestimonialThere’s nothing like a rave review from a home staging client to help you convince potential clients about what you can do for them.

But what if the home staging testimonial you receive sings your praises but does it in such a long-winded way, you’re not sure you can use it?  » read more…

Home Staging Lets You Do What Comes Naturally

natural decorating talentDoes your creativity have you going through life feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole?

There are many things I appreciate about getting older.

Caring less what people think. Letting myself off the hook for stuff I’m not good at.  » read more…

Staging Diva Grad Celebrates 5 Years and Home Staging Income

home staging CBS TV NewsAs the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program celebrates it’s 10th anniversary, I’ve been catching up with many of our Graduates to see how their home staging businesses have grown.

Stacy Goade of Alaska Premier Home Staging celebrates her 5th year as a home stager this month so I asked her to share some of her latest business highlights.  » read more…

10 Signs Your Home Stager Headshot Needs a Makeover

Debra Gould The Staging DivaI had this new headshot taken last month and it got me thinking about how/when you know you’re ready for a headshot makeover.

When you’re a home stager, it’s important to remember that potential clients will consider your headshot before they decide whether to pick up the phone to call you about their home staging or redesign project.  » read more…

How To Fix Your Home Staging Photos

Many home stagers ask me to recommend the perfect home staging camera. There are many options, but it’s important to remember that there is a lot you can do to fix your home staging photos after the fact.

Here’s an example of the various steps of retouching an existing image, and how you can use the same home staging photo in very different ways.  » read more…

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