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How To Fix Your Home Staging Photos

Many home stagers ask me to recommend the perfect home staging camera. There are many options, but it’s important to remember that there is a lot you can do to fix your home staging photos after the fact.

Here’s an example of the various steps of retouching an existing image, and how you can use the same home staging photo in very different ways.

The original shot was way too dark in the foreground because of the bright […]

10 Factors Shape Your Home Staging Business Personality

business personalityThere are so many “personality tests” which measure things like whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, whether you’re creative, altruistic, etc.

Personality tests are fun. The results can give you some insights into why you behave a certain way in different situations, what types of people you should have around you, why your energy is drained or enhanced by certain […]

Home Staging Portfolio Should Include Vignettes

home staging vignetteYour home staging portfolio will be greatly improved if you remember to shoot several vignettes along the way. Think of a vignette as a detail or “still life.” It should have an attractive composition.

This really doesn’t require extra work on your part.

You are undoubtedly creating vignettes while you’re staging the home anyways, as seen in this excellent example by Staging Diva Grad Imogen Brown of Home Staging Brisbane.

Vignettes […]

5 Home Staging Writing Tips to Conquer Writer’s Block

home staging writingHome staging writing is one of the key ways you’ll promote your business online and attract new customers you haven’t even heard of yet.

It’s really hard to sit down to a blank screen to write your next home staging blog, website or newsletter article. I know, because I’ve been doing it since 2002.

Some days I’m sure there is nothing new left to talk about after writing more […]

5 Ways to Use Home Staging Testimonials

home staging testimonialsIn a recent article I shared the 5 things effective home staging testimonials need to get maximum marketing value from them. Today, I’d like to share various ways you can use your home staging testimonials.

Basically, you’re trying to make prospective customers feel like they’re making a good decision choosing you and one of the ways you do that is by showing how you’ve helped others, just like them. In other words, your […]

5 Steps to Great Home Staging Testimonials

home staging testimonialWe all feel more comfortable trying something new when others recommend it. Home staging testimonials or rave reviews from your past clients are a great way to attract new customers for your home staging services.

Testimonials provide what Robert Cialdini calls “social proof” in his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. To really leverage this social proof and get the maximum marketing value from your testimonials, there […]

9 Easy Tips for Home Staging Website SEO

Home staging website SEOIt’s much harder to get clients when no one can find your home staging website in a search engine. Trying to learn about Search Engine Optimization or SEO for your home staging website can feel like “falling down the rabbit hole” into another universe, where the language is strange and everyone seems to have conflicting opinions and bad advice.

SEO is critical if you want your home staging […]

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