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Staging Diva Grad Debuts on CBS News Show

Staging Diva Grad CBS TVThere’s nothing like appearing on a TV news show to boost your credibility as a home stager!

It’s happened to me a few times and I’m so proud to see Staging Diva Grad Stacy Goade of Alaska Premier Home Staging make her debut as well.

Media attention will grow your home staging business in ways that you can’t even [...]

Kitchen Home Staging Easily Boosts Home Selling Price

kitchen before staging Jodi WhalenKitchens are one of the most important rooms when determining the selling price of a home. That’s because they’re the most expensive and time-consuming to renovate.

Put a home on the real estate market with an ugly kitchen like the one seen here, and you can expect lower offers and that it will take much longer to sell. How far you go with kitchen [...]

Home Staging Cure for Awkward Condo

nataliya mitt condo staging afterHome staging is a great cure for awkward rooms, especially the ones you find in many of today’s condo projects.

You know those tall towers with the weird jutting out points encased in glass? They might make the building look interesting (or fit it into an oddly shaped lot), but what are the owners or sellers to do with all those narrow [...]

New Home Staging Career for Graphic Designer

toronto home stagerThere are many paths to a home staging career. Many home stagers come from completely unrelated prior careers like nursing or financial services. Others, like Catherine Menard of Groovy Chick Redesign and Home Staging (Toronto), take a previously creative and visual career and turn it into something [...]

Too Busy To Start Your Home Staging Business?

Staging Diva Grad Jill KleinermanYou don’t have to look far to find excuses not to change your life for the better. Many who would love a career in home staging tell me they’re too busy to try.

I totally get that. I usually feel like I’m “too busy” but somehow when there’s something I really want I find a way to fit it in.  Writer Jeff Haden gave a [...]

Home Staging Ends 5 Year Real Estate Endurance Test

For frustrated home sellers, home staging can mean the difference between getting on with your life or feeling like you’re in an expensive endurance test with no end in sight. living room after stagingThat’s why home stagers are frustrated hearing real estate agents insist all that matters in a real estate sale are price and location.

An overheard phone conversation between an angry home seller and her Michigan real estate [...]

No Need For Home Staging, Your House Is Fine!

Susan Atwell home stagingIn the past I’ve written about the 5 home staging secrets we need to share with real estate agents and how home stagers shouldn’t let real estate agents discourage them from a home staging career. Here Staging Diva Graduate Susan Atwell shares a story about a presentation she made at a real estate office.

One of her key goals was educating them that their [...]

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