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Free Home Stager Success Stories from Staging Diva

"Debra Gould teaches with generosity, high ethical standards, common sense and a can-do spirit that is irresistible. She really showed me how to use my talents in my home staging business." Kathleen Fischbein, NY *

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Home Stager Success Stories

Free Report Guaranteed to Inspire You

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at 10 home stagers and learn how they transformed their lives with new careers in home staging!

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Are you living the life you imagined you’d be living in this space in time?

Are you satisfied in your chosen career or do you get the feeling you’re meant to do something bigger and better with your life?

The free report Ask Staging Diva: Can a regular person like me become a home stager? contains real-life examples of individuals whose lives have been transformed by their home staging careers.

Some work full-time and stage homes on the side for extra cash and as a creative outlet.

Some have left behind less creative careers to finally use their natural talents doing work they love.

Others are moms looking for a flexible business that they can run from home.

Whether you’re an aspiring home stager or an established pro, you'll love this inspiring report!

You will meet women and men who have turned their love of decorating into a home staging business. You'll also see the eye-popping results they've achieved for their clients in difficult real estate markets. These Graduates of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program have followed the formula for home staging business success taught by internationally recognized home staging expert, Debra Gould.

Grab a copy of this FREE report for behind-the-scenes stories of stagers like these:

A registered nurse who stages homes full-time and turned a non-selling house into a hot real estate property.

A home schooling mother of 3 who makes more money staging homes than she used to earn working full time.

A woman in her 50s who lost her job in financial services and gained fame for her home staging talents.

A man who spent 15 years behind a desk only to discover his decorating talents would heat up the real estate market.

A part-time stager who changed the lives of an elderly couple with her home staging advice.

A marathon runner and mother of three who has reinvented her life staging homes to sell.

A home stager who helped a client make an extra $80,000 * on the sale of her home.

And many other regular people just like you!

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california home stager "I love the fact that the Staging Diva course curriculum is a 'blueprint' with all the ins and outs of developing a Home Staging business!" Ameenah Lutfee (CA) *

Staging Diva® is one of the most respected names in the home staging industry worldwide.

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"I'm 500% more prepared as a home stager than before taking the Staging Diva courses. Now instead of watching HGTV thinking 'I could do that' I'm moving forward with my own staging business." Lisa Brown (HI) * Hawaii home stager

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