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Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program

When you're ready to make money as a home stager

"Within weeks of completing the Staging Diva course I had my first staging project for a $1.5 million home! Without the training I would have charged the client way less; but now I understand what my services are worth thanks to Debra Gould's insight and real-world teaching. She boosted my confidence and gave me a solid foundation to grow my real estate staging business." Marcia Lenci (CA) *

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Dreaming of starting your own Home Staging business?

There's nothing like the feeling of elation and freedom that comes from enjoying what you do and knowing that you're earning a living and helping others at the same time.

Students of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program range in age from their 20s to their 70s!

Some have been stay-at-home moms for years, others are leaving dead-end jobs or high-flying careers. Many are newly divorced, newly retired, or recovering from cancer and deciding it's time to follow their dreams. About 2% of our students are men.

What they all share in common is a love of decorating, interest in real estate and a keen desire to shape their own future doing what they love.

Use your natural talents to make a living
Love what you do every day
Stop worrying about money
Have time for your family
Make a difference in the lives of others

Would that be worth looking into? If so, read on!

Whether you are already established, or just thinking of starting a home staging, house fluffing or real estate styling business (as it's also called), you'll find training courses, checklists, ebooks, sales scripts and a growing list of other Staging Diva® tools to help you.

With the right staging business training and support, you CAN grow your own home-based business around the needs of your family. Debra Gould, creator of the Staging Diva Program, has been personally staging her own homes for sale since 1995 and running her staging company (Six Elements Inc.) since 2002.

In the Staging Diva Home Staging Courses, you learn directly from this internationally recognized home staging expert as she candidly shares all her techniques and strategies for success with her Staging Diva students!

This will save you months, if not years, of trial and error getting your own business started and making a profit.

home staging courses money back guarantee Every Staging Diva product & service comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee!

Almost 99% of Staging Diva students recommend us

We continually survey our students to ensure our training is meeting their needs. An impressive 98.8% of students over the past 17 months said they would recommend Staging Diva Training to others:

99% satisfaction rate with Staging Diva Program

Staging Diva - Highly respected in Home Staging
Staging Diva is one of the most recognized and respected names in the home staging field today.

Debra Gould's staging expertise is featured on HGTV, radio stations and in countless newspapers and magazines like The Wall Street Journal, This Old House, CNNMoney, Woman's Day, Reader's Digest, House & Home, Style at Home and more.

Here Staging Diva Debra Gould shares the anchor desk on GlobalTV News and takes viewers through several of her own home staging projects.

Wouldn't it be nice to learn about the home staging business from a real expert?

More Staging Diva media coverage

Debra has been a recognized expert on marketing for over a decade and wrote a chapter in the book "Marketing Masters: The Best Ideas, Tips & Strategies from Canada's Savviest Marketers," published in 1998. She was also a regular contributor to Profit Magazine.

Debra Gould is a featured writer for American Chronicle and HGTV's on the subject of home staging, contributing many articles to help homeowners appreciate the value of home staging. This increases awareness and demand for the services of home stagers, or real estate stagers and house fluffers as they are also called.

More about home staging and marketing expert Debra Gould

"When you're ready to get closer to your dream of starting your own home staging business, I'm here to help!

I've developed the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program to give you the tools to REALLY go for it in your own staging business!

If you're not serious about making money as a home stager, this program is not for you.

It's taken me 25 years to develop the marketing and business skills I share with my Staging Diva students... Plus they know I grew a Home Staging business myself from scratch, while supporting my own family.

This training is not theory. It's practical hands-on stuff you can use today and in the years ahead as your business evolves!

This program is not padded with all kinds of information you'll never use. I stick to the essentials and communicate it in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand format."

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva

Debra Gould, The Staging Diva

"If you are considering a career in home staging, Debra's Staging Diva program is outstanding. Home stager

It will answer any doubts that you might have and launch your business into profit.

The Staging Diva courses totally exceeded my expectations.

The sections on how to price for your services, how to make sure you get paid, marketing techniques and what to do when you're at a Home Staging Client Consultation were especially invaluable!" Maureen Scherrer (CA) *

"Home Staging is one of the HOTTEST growth businesses" says Entrepreneur Magazine

Staging Diva in Entrepreneur Magazine 2008

At the end of 2009, Entrepreneur Magazine identified home staging as one of the hottest growth businesses.

The Staging Diva Program is THE ONLY Home Staging business opportunity recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine for 10 years in a row in their guides to business startups!

This is only one example of many where Staging Diva has helped put home staging on the international map by broadening awareness for what home staging is and what it does.

How Staging Diva Training Works

Staging Diva Home Study Kit

The foundation of the Staging Diva Training Program is a series of 5 courses. Taught in an audio format with accompanying course study notes, you learn from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

You don't have to wait to travel or wait to fit into someone else's course schedule— you can get started right now!

Each course includes detailed Staging Diva Study Notes and professionally edited recordings so you can follow along with Debra's discussion. Presenting to a small group of students in the recordings, she brings the material to life with lots of stories from her own home staging business. You'll learn from all the questions, answers and discussions too.

Sign up for courses one at a time, or save money when you register for the package of 5 courses. When you order downloadable recordings of the courses, you get them emailed to you immediately and you can listen from your computer, at your own convenience and as often as you like!

"It was great doing the Staging Diva Training Program from home! You provided so many ideas and practical strategies for growing our Home Staging business!

I traveled first for another company's hands-on courses. It was more expensive and not nearly as useful or organized!"

Debra Garber *

Home Stager Nevada

You can also order the Home Study Kit if you'd prefer to have a binder with all your materials mailed to you. With this option, your recordings are on CDs packaged in an attractive and portable media case.

More about Home Staging Business Training.

Staging Diva Course - Quick Facts
  • 5 core classes, register one by one or save money signing up for the whole program
  • Classes taught by Debra Gould via professionally edited recordings of past classes with a small group of 8 students
  • Each course takes approximately two hours to listen to, plus homework assignments, which do not need to be submitted. These are assignments for the start up and growth of your business. They are for your own education, not for "marks."
  • Students ordering downloadable recordings get all their course materials immediately by email, so they can play the courses on their computer right away (no special equipment needed and you'll get help if you have any questions about how to do this)
  • Students ordering the Home Study Kit receive all the course notes, bonus checklists and CD recordings by mail.
  • Each course comes with study notes which Debra elaborates on in the recordings and brings to life with examples from her own staging business.
  • No travel or hotel stays = less time and lower cost
  • Learn from the comfort of home
  • Learn directly with Debra Gould, The Staging Diva and learn from her client experiences
  • Learn from the questions of others
  • Participate from anywhere in the world!
  • Personalized Staging Diva Graduation Certificate is mailed to you along with material you can use for marketing

home staging courses

Are you a natural born stager?

Most people drawn to the idea of staging already know that they were born with some natural decorating talent because friends and relatives have been complimenting them on their homes and asking their opinions for years.

Many Staging Diva students talk about how often they've moved because they always craved a decorating project. Others recount how much they enjoyed decorating since they started with their doll house years ago. Some confess that their spouses never know where the furniture will be when they come home from work.

"I took the Staging Diva Program and loved it! I also ordered the Color Guide and Portfolio Guide, all of which saved me big time already!
home stager PA Business officially launches Sunday, youngest starts kindergarten Monday, kids will both be in school, time for MOM to make some MONEY!" Melanie Bailey (PA) *

We are all HGTV addicts.

If any of this sounds familiar, you're probably a born home stager. You don't need to have any formal interior design training to do this work.

The home staging courses in the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program take you from startup through growing a profitable home staging / house fluffing business.

These are not "decorating" courses but you will learn how to turn your talents into a real business.

You will learn how to handle a home staging consultation and even how to furnish a whole empty house, but course time is not taken up with topics like "where would you put the couch in this room?"

The assumption is that you have some innate talent for how furniture fits in a room, even if you have no formal design or decorating training. If you have no talent whatsoever, this is not the right career for you. If you have talent but you are feeling a bit insecure or shy about it, that's normal. This will be thoroughly addressed in the training program.

The Staging Diva emphasis is on boosting your confidence with solid information and on the business, marketing and pricing side of things, because without this knowledge you can't succeed or make money, regardless of how good you are at arranging home furnishings!

"For 8 years I wanted to start my own business. So many people I know have had the courage to start their own business and I always admired them for it. I could never have gone ahead with it until now.
You truly made this so simple to do as your training allowed me not to think of being nervous but so excited to get started I was bursting. Ontario Home Stager
It's a great feeling to know I'm on my way to creating a business to call my very own. It is all thanks to you, your Staging Diva courses and your great ability to inspire so many people to do what you have done. Thank you for everything!" Francesca Midolo (ON) *

Staging Diva Training Program Certificate

Staging Diva Graduate Certificate

Graduates of The Staging Diva Training Program receive a personalized certificate like this by mail within 4 weeks of ordering the program.

Staging Diva Grad Badge

Graduates also get a badge that they can use on their web sites, blogs and in marketing materials.

Upon completion of our 5 courses, you can call yourself a "Graduate of the Staging Diva Training Program." This is not an official credential as there is no such thing as "accreditation" or "certification" in the home staging business (despite what some companies claim).

In other words this credential is as official as any other the difference is Staging Diva is one of the few training companies that will tell you no credentials are official.

Accreditation or Certification implies an independent authority monitors and approves credentials and standards in the industry. No such authority exists, and it lacks integrity to suggest otherwise.

It is "buyer beware" in the field of home staging training, so research your choices carefully. Make sure you're being trained by someone who has personally grown their own successful home staging business and doesn't just teach about it, or offer free staging to boost their real estate business!

And, check out their business credentials. Debra Gould has an MBA from one of the top business schools in North America, and has been a recognized authority and published writer on business and marketing since the 1980s. Does any other program:

• provide so much free information even when you're not a student?
• offer you a free recording of questions and answers about the staging business?
• let you meet your trainer by email and phone before paying?
• give you a money back guarantee?

Support doesn't end with the training

Once you are part of the Staging Diva inner circle of students and graduates, you'll find tons of ongoing support!

All graduates of the Staging Diva Training Program are eligible to participate in the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers.

This is a great way to build instant credibility in your market and get you prominence on the Internet. If you're worried about the time and expense of building your own web site, our Directory will get you up and running within 7 days for a relatively small fee considering the cost of building a site and the number of visitors we receive!

Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers

Members of the Directory also get FREE PROJECT REFERRALS.

If you're part of the Staging Diva Directory we send all home staging projects in your area directly to you for FREE.

Graduates who aren't part of the Directory can also apply for home staging jobs or projects that we advertise from the hundreds of leads we receive as a result of our media exposure.

Staging Diva Network Online Discussion Group

Anyone completing the Staging Diva Training Program can join The Staging Diva Network.

This online discussion group provides ongoing support and a sense of community with other home stagers. Share the joys and challenges of starting and growing your own home staging business with others facing similar issues. Ask your questions and learn from the experience of others. Enjoy the sense of belonging that comes from being part of a supportive group of like-minded people.

Staging Diva Graduates can also participate in Staging Diva Dialog, a monthly telephone conference call with Debra Gould who answers questions and also brings a new learning topic to the group. These calls are recorded and all members also get a copy within 24 hours, especially helpful if you can't make it live.

Staging Diva Dialog

If you're serious about starting your own home staging business, wouldn't you like to hear first-hand how Debra Gould, The Staging Diva, built her business so quickly while working on her own from a small home office and spending next to nothing on advertising?

Latest home staging course samples and free recording available now!

Whether you want to dip your toe in the water or dive into starting your own business, you'll find a number of products to help you:

Check out the full range of Staging Diva products and services in our home staging store.

Worried about getting real value out of the Staging Diva Program?

Ask yourself whether we freely give lots of information to support the home staging industry and your place in it.

Imagine the wealth of knowledge you'll have access to when you're actually a student or graduate of our programs!

In addition to this site, you can learn more about home staging and Debra Gould's expertise at Six Elements, and Home Staging Business Report; in addition to our various newsletters, quiz and free preview sessions.

Yes! I'm ready to join Debra Gould and try a course.

"I had only listened to the first 3 Staging Diva courses while commuting to my day job as a college professor, when I had my first home staging client meeting. I felt so well prepared and had them eating out of the palm of my hand using your tips. The job went incredibly well and I could not tear the smile off my face after I left.
I had to strongly resist the urge to skip back to my car in case the clients might be watching from their doorway.

Nothing I have ever done has given me such an elated feeling. Debra, thanks for your fabulous Staging Diva courses and for your mentoring! You have also inspired me to broaden my business horizons. You're amazing!"

Katherine James *

home stager

If you order downloadable course recordings right now, you'll have the full Staging Diva Training Program in minutes, or you can have the whole program mailed to your home!

"Debra, you taught me running a Home Staging business doesn't have to be complicated. Thanks for sharing your marketing expertise, wisdom and entrepreneurial advice! It was worth every penny!

My first home staging project was worth $5,000 and thanks to The Staging Diva Program, I knew how to handle it!
Home Stager
Now I'm juggling 6 clients and loving it!" Erin Rhindress (MA) *
Staging Diva Home Staging Consultation Checklist

Fill in the blanks during your next home staging client consultation, this Checklist shows you how!

Learn more about the Home Staging Consultation Checklist with Room by Room Forms

Arizona Stager "Debra's training program will save you the trial and error that comes with building your own business.

Not only am I more motivated to get my business off the ground, but the program gave me the information I need to make a plan and stay on schedule. As I work full-time already, this will save me endless hours of struggle!" Jody Tullous (AR) *

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